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[Solved] Some of the problems. Is it personal or bug


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@ Legolash2o primarily due to work for this beautiful thank you very much. Due to lack of knowledge of language translation with google translate did. I hope you understood my problem and wrong in a situation not cause I can tell. I'm sorry if I open such a situation.


WT Version : Test 4

Windows 7 Turkish - Professional version


Features, including the old version does not work.

1. Desktop Icon Size::16
2. Disable Language Bar



Working in previous versions, but the latest version does not work;


1. Disable Highlighting of new Programs




2. Language pack is integrated into Internet Explorer. However, the system installation is complete, Internet Explorer works in English instead of Turkish.During integration does not consist of any error.
When Windows Update and check for updates, language pack seems to be not installed. After the installation is operating normally.

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I test it beta WinToolkit141-15_Test14

1. Desktop Icon Size::16  - Not working. I investigate have a free time.

2. Disable Highlighting of new Programs - Worked.

3. Language pack is integrated - Not working




Desktop Icon Size::16

Default user and administrator account registry settings correctly changed to 16, but this tweak not working.

I cant understand why not working. :)

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What was the last version that this worked correctly?  (With everything else except the Win Toolkit version used being exactly the same.  Same Win toolkit options used, same exact sources used including same wim used and same Win7 version chosen, same set of tweaks and addons, same hardware and host OS used to make the build, etc.)  Any error logs produced?


Cheers and Regards

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