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This script can make silent installers & nLite/RVMi AddOns for Adobe Flash Player ActiveX, NPAPI and PPAPI Plugins.   Why using this script instead of an already made addon/SFX? N

Links updated.

version 3.1   What's new:

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Hello, nice to meet you. "Flash Player Plugin SFX & AddOn Maker" I use it to create addon flash player NPAPI.

What should I do to activate autoupdate? I addon created but the file "entries.ini" he says "Disable Auto-Update:" FL_NPAPI.exe -ai ".
I have to extract archive and edit "entries.ini"?



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Yup, it's about time for adobe to do so. Thanks for 3.2 ;)


Also wondering if this change will soon apply to Shockwave, because I've tried to replace 'macromedia' to 'adobe' in current static link


And both work well :)

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Hi mooms,


sometimes, like today, Adobe Flash comes in two different versions for IE & FF (or three, but I don't check PPAPI), but the dual installer get the lowest version number.

I changed line 196 in the script

copy /b %SFX% + ".\bin\Flash_ax_np.cfg" + ".\temp\Flash.7z" ".\output\SFX_Flash_AX_NPAPI_%vax%_%vnp%.exe"

but the name of the generated installer is a bit too long (SFX_Flash_AX_NPAPI_20.0.0.228_20.0.0.235).

Is there another possibility?


TNX & Regards, Thiersee

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It's not the lowest version, it's the version of the first plugin (ActiveX here).


It's not perfect when there are multiple version numbers, but I had to make a choice to avoid a too long filename.


If you just want to check the versions number, you can create an addon (choice 2 in question 2), it will show full versions in the ini file:

version=Active X:  NPAPI:
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Flash is usually updated every second Tuesday of the month exactly like Windows updates.

I will make an update of the maker to create a text file containing the version of each installer: this will avoid confusion if version numbers are not the same across editions, and shorten the file name.

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Version 3.3:


- No more file version in the filename, instead the maker will show Flash version in the cmd windows at the end, and will create a log file in the output folder with the same infos + date & time.

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