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[Solved] Bugs in, Beta 2


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1. In WIM Manager, after selecting Apply unnatended, then selecting the .xml file, then selecting full mode, and after confirming, a new redundant window, that just states it's going to integrate the .xml with its location, appears. It's got also an ok button, so it's useless. Only a cosmetic bug, but I think worth mentioning :)



2. In AIO / Updates tab, when loading updates from with ''Add Updates + Subfolders" option, the sorting feature doesn't work, and the updates are sorted as they were loaded from the folders, which is really bad.



3. When using the regular ''Add Updates'' button in AIO, after all the updates were loaded, I chose to bring all the updates from prerequisites to ''normal'' area, but then the sort feature works weirdly, as it locks the update according to its KB number.


This would have been ok, but since I cannot move IE11 to the end of the queue, as its place is locked above KB2889631, it's VERY bad. Oh, and then when deleting all the updates from the list, and loading them again, the sorting feature becomes unusable again and also IE11 is locked at the beginning when trying to move it from prerequisites to normal area. :(


To make a custom order as I want, I have to use the ''Add updates'' from a new try (''virgin'' opening of the AIO), then move all the updates from prerequisites to the normal area, then moving them manually to their place manually to their place, as the sorting locks them weirdly. And this is very frustrating, so please fix this asap.



So the wanted behaviour from your app is this (resume of 2 + 3) - sorting feature always work, even when using the sub-folder option, and also doesn't ''lock'' the updates after sorting, so I can move the IE and its update to the end of the queue. :)

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Please take into account I didn't rant anything about the prerequisite area, as I see it's back. :D I don't agree with it, I thought a ''postrequisite'' area (with only IE and its updates, and maybe KB2592687 + KB2830477) would have been easier to make and maintain, but you're the coder, you know better. :)

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1. Left that in by accident, sorry.


2. Not sure if there is anything I can do about that. How would you rather they be sorted?


3. I will experiment with the sorting feature. I'm sorta limited with listviews. To be honest as long as everything installs as green then i couldn't really care what order they are installed. I know IE will be moved to the end of prerequisites when the start button is clicked.

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Hi Lego,


first of all: Happy New Year!


Now 1 bug in v1.4.1.29_beta2:


IE11 (.EXE, german) goes red and, of course, KB2898785 (cumulative update for IE11) too.



For english version everything is ok.



Seriously, without changing the ListView to a DataGridView there's nothing much I can do.  :(


So is such a change worth considering from a coding point of view (not-so-hard to implement, etc)? From my point of view, I'd like for the interface (and its sorting feature) not to be so clumsy and weird as right now, so anything that's a step ahead is desirable. :)

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Ok, then it's postponed, I'll put it at some point in the requests subforums, but be sure that I'll keep bugging you about it :D



to continue then the list above, and keep some kind of order...


4. IE11 germen and its update gets red when integrated (see above)


5. ''WinToolkit_Mount'' leftover folder isn't deleted from the hdd/ssd, and it remains there after everything is done.

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