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Modifying Word's Ribbon UI


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I love the new Office Ribbon. However, the first thing I wanted to do was modify it. The Home tab has a big chunk of the Styles group that I don't use. I wanted to get rid of it and put my own shortcuts in the Home tab. It took many hours for me to figure out how to modify the Ribbon. I put together a guide for everyone that shows you how to accomplish this.

PDF attached: Modifying_Office_Word_Ribbon.pdf

Courtesy SpaceSurfer


Here is a tutorial on how to modify the ribbon interface in Office Word. This method doesn’t require Visual Basic programming. It requires modifying a simple XML file with a text editor. This guide only shows you how to shift the built-in controls around from tab to tab or group to group. It does not show you how to create your own controls.

Step 1: Enabling a Custom Ribbon

1) Create a folder called ‘Ribbon’ anywhere on your hard disk.

2) Open Office Word. Do not modify the new blank document. Click on ‘Save As’ to save the document as customUI.docm file in The Ribbon folder. This is a macro-enabled file. Make sure you change the

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Nice Tut N1K but I'm very lazy to follow all the steps and would like to have this already done for me so I don't have to much work to do. :icon_rolleyes:

Do I need to :tumbleweed: before you through anything to me :whistle:

LOL, don't be lazy :icon_cool:

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Hello. I downloaded the Custom UI Editor and the LIst of Control IDs. I have a .dotm file that I brought in from Word 2003 and converted to 2007. All the macros work in Word 07. This template should also have a custom Ribbon tab. I was able to use the editor and add the tab, I was able to add a custom button to one of my macros. Now I need to add a few built-in buttons like AlignLeft, AlignRight, FileSaveAs, etc.

Some of my built-in buttons work and some don't. I'm taking the idMso from the List of Control IDs I downloaded from Microsoft as suggested above in the original post. What I'm I missing. Here's my code so far. AlignLeft and AlignRight don't work.

<customUI xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/office/2006/01/customui">
<ribbon startFromScratch="false">
<tab id="SLK" label="SLK">
<group id="Format" label="Formatting Buttons">
<button idMso="AlignLeft" label="Left Align" size="normal"/>
<button idMso="AlignRight" label="Right Align" size="normal"/>
<button idMso="CellsDelete" label="Delete Cells" size="normal"/>
<button idMso="TableColumnsDelete" label="Delete Columns" size="normal"/>
<button idMso="TableRowsDelete" label="Delete Rows" size="normal"/>
<button idMso="TableDelete" label="Delete Table" size="normal"/>

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LOL, don't be lazy :icon_cool:

well sometimes the bum [like me] is old fashioned..

and convert them to the good ol drop down menu

its uncouth i know, but THAT is what i had done :shy: with 2007

Classic Menu for Office 2007

For those who are game for discovery can digggg up the pages here:

Office UI Customization


I have since graduated to the Custom UI Editor Tool to tweak Excel which I use extensively.

so choose ^_^ whats your poison!

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