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[Done] WTK: Multistart Allow Option?


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Regardless of whether DISM supports multiple instances or not, I think this would just be asking for trouble on too many levels to even consider this.  Confusion for the user is one.  Some folks have trouble with being unable to delete partial builds as it is and I can see this as making this problem much more likely.  It would have to slow things down and a build can already take hours when using HDD. Just seems like a bad idea.  What could be an advantage?


Cheers and Regards

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Would be useful for some users.

Of cause as option, standard no-active for inexperienced users.




Advantages for examples:

- Simultaneously usage of tool(s) examples: download various sources, download and work on image, convert and download, and much more, all the tools.

- Simultaneously work on images, to prepare much images simultaneously (yes, need more time, but work more ones at the same time, no user control is need)

- Can all speed-up on mass-SSD users (in future i will buy 128+GB SSD)

- You can compare sets/images, no more much txts/screenshots need.

- The same for WIM-Manager, you can better work with multiple images.


Example that maybe much users knows:

- You work on your Image, but the same time you want download updates for an other image.


Of cause, standard user need mostly just one WTK for one (own) Image.

But advanced users may need more WTK instances for better advanced working.

So thats reason for that i wrote "option", if you need that you can it set in options. :)


Solutions for the other disadvantages:

- All folders/files can be renamed with x1 x2, the same for multiple images and other.

- Maybe not WTK-main as multiple instances, may just app-threads like Update-Downloader or other.

- For some "unique" files, can WTK give a report about "read-only" at this time where more as one work on.


Sure, it would be a bit work and not useful for most users, but maybe other ones like me want it, too?

I dunno, help and post it please! :P

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