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News - Internet Trouble


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Sorry for not posting much this week. Over the weekend I was in Amsterdam and since I've been back I'm just constantly having internet issues. I'm going to ring them up again tomorrow to sort it. Luckily in 2 weeks I will be getting FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) so things will be perfect then!


I decided just to release the latest version as it had some important bug fixes from the v32 release. At the moment I'm tethered using my phone (3G) but haven't been able to read the Personal Messages yet.


On that topic, please post bugs in the bugs forum instead of telling me via PM. I will seriously turn off my PMs if I have too. I have a total of 60 PMs I need to sort though which isn't nice. Seriously, my internet is really really really annoying me now. It's just getting worse and worse :'(


UPDATE: My internet is back online but it's working so slow that it's barely loading any webpages. I could cry :(

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Hope you'll sort your internet connection soon! :)



However, there are two things that need to be sorted out ~ urgent:


1. Please take a look here - Aphawave's Downloader, integrated into Win Toolkit, works great, the same as WHD tool, however its included .xml lists are from january, so they need to be updated to the latest versions (february);


2. Also look here and here. The Intel chipset and mass storage drivers recognition is crucial, and also I'll have on sunday the hardware needed to test everything. So... a beta build before then would be fantastic :)

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It's working but barely usable, it's REALLY annoying me. I didn't smoke any weed in Amsterdam, I tried it but smoking is not my thing. I did try some Space Cake though, very relaxing :P


I will attempt to do some work on Win Toolkit tonight, it's hard to reply to forum posts when the internet cuts out. It's wireless at the moment, we have an antennae on the roof pointing to a base station mounted on some high up building. The tiniest bit of rain, wind, or fart can make my internet go bye bye. Sometimes it's even 0.2Mbps downstream :-O



Yeah I can't wait for it. 100Mbps down and 15Mbps up :D

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