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Windows XP Service Pack 4 [Unofficial]


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Welcome to Windows XP Service Pack 4 (Unofficial).

Windows XP SP4 (Service Pack 4) is a cumulative update rollup for Windows XP.


Windows XP SP4 Final is now available!

Windows XP SP4 can installed on any version of Windows XP with SP1 or later installed or slipstreamed into any Windows XP installation source (except for Embedded versions). It includes all updated components and hotfixes for Windows XP in a single, convenient package. Except for the SP4 package installer main executable (update.exe) and a cosmetic resource modification sysdm.cpl no other binary file has been modified, everything is original from Microsoft Corporation.

Microsoft .NET Frameworks 4.0, 3.5, 1.1, 1.0 are included in this package. .NET Framework 1.0 will be installed only with Tablet PC Edition or Media Center Edition (Upgrade only). .NET Framework 4.0 is disabled by default.
It's possible to split the slipstreamed installation source into two 650 MB CD-ROMs, which can be essential for older computers. You can also create 6 Bootable Floppy Disks to install Windows XP on older systems which cannot boot from CD-ROM.

Furthermore, Windows XP SP4 includes security enhancements that address issues not fixed by Microsoft Updates. It also includes performance tweaks that should make your PC run blazingly fast.


Download at Windows XP SP4 development thread at RyanVM.net: http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=133918#133918

Visit RyanVM.net for additional information.

Enjoy Windows XP Service Pack 4.



This is Windows XP SP4 slipstreamed in a Windows XP MCE 2002 installation source. Notice the Version year.

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Good Idea, but i would include a conclusively network plug-off.

Microsoft support for XP ending at 8# April 2014:



Windows XP is "dead" then, at least i would no more going online with it.



And i would make pretty sure that this pack have no malware included like Uroburos:

(No joke, this one i actually called Urobuos, like the other virus from resident evil, lol)


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Not to worry about any virus.  Other respected update pack makers including OnePiece, user_hidden, ricktendo, 5eraph, tomasz86, Kel, and others are all keeping an eye on this project.  And I also wouldn't be that concerned about using XP, if that is the OS you like, beyond the "expiration date".  The number of threats that are attributed to the OS iteslf vs other apps or user actions is relatively minor, less than 10% according to some studies, and with the use of a good router and up to date software firewall and AV and other anti-malware software, the risk becomes essentially miniscule.  After all, there are some folks that still use Win2K and Win9x on a daily basis.


Cheers and Regards

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Yea, thats great news. I remember most of them of my active RyanVM time, excellent developers.
I was thinking that is a one-unknown-men project, but with help of them i see a good future.

But i think the numbers of users will be decreasing after the support-end, and the true danger are not virus alone.
The really danger are hackers, rootkits, and botnet-systems, no much AV-Systems protect you really of them.

A interesting point is, and i was shocked as iv read, - much ATMs (CashMachines) and other public machines using still XP.
For first, im wondering why, - i mean for example my router make much more and use still a firmware, why a ATM need a complete OS?
The other, im afraid of virus attack that can be transfer over the ATM plug-points, and can cause that you lose your money, idk, im think about.


And Win8.1 will be more and more interesting, i think much users were switching.




Ah n sorry for my very poor English lol.

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The file is not stored on RyanVM, but the link to where the file is stored is there, but I confirm it currently is not functioning.  I'm sure the DL is just temporarily unavailable.  harkaz is probably making improvements.updates, but I'll let him confirm that.


Cheers and Regards

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Sorry for my questions, but just for make sure:

1. When I try to slipstream it says I need to be on WinXP-Host, maybe possible to allow the splipstream-option for higher host-systems?
(Both, NLite and /integrate parameter, I got setups erros, RyanVM not tested yet.)
2. There exist a lot other updatepacks, I just wanna make sure I really got ALL-POSSIBLE for the system, - have it include?
(For example there is OnePiece-Update-Pack, seems it have WMP11 and IE8, - or its also in this one? - or its compatible?)

I found some information on other sites: It have it ALL. :)
3. There any way to (direct-)integrate/Patch the MUI-stuff on a winxp-install-source?


4., Where I can find your google+ profile??

I searched, but cannot find anything there, google is such chaotic sh**.

thank you very very much! :) can i post it here? maybe other searching too.

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Sent you PM. UPDATE: I believe that posting the link would be against the forum rules.

SP4 has all optional components found in Onepiece Update Pack.

XP host is essential so you can properly insert a valid product key during Setup.

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