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FYP: Threading Research Results


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8.1 DISM doesn't work on XP. WinToolkit does run on XP with some small features disabled. I will be using .NET 4.0 so XP users can still use it.

As long as you do not have to do anything "extra" to truly support that version.  However if at all possible, it would be good to have extra features for those more recent dism versions.

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As part of my final year project (if approved). I will be focusing a lot on threading. Currently Win Tookit uses background workers with apparently are bad for performance.


I've been experimenting and here are some results compare the current method used by Win Toolkit and a new method.


Parallel will also use more CPU cores and I will let you choose in Options how many you want to use. By default it would be ProcressorCount - 1, so if you have a quad core with hyperthreading (8), it will use 7 by default.


Test 1: The test was to get the MD5 values for 1300+ MSU files.


Not Updating GUI:-

Current: 19270ms (19 seconds)

New: 5499ms (5.4 seconds)

350% speed increase!


When updating the GUI:-

Current: 38417ms (38.4 seconds)

New: 9576ms (9.5 seconds)

401% speed increase!  :P


Test 2: The test was to get the MD5 values for 55652 files.


Not Updating GUI:-

Current: 466165ms (466 seconds / 7.7 minutes)

New: 4943ms (4.9 seconds / 0.082 minutes)


9430% speed increase!


When updating the GUI:- 

Current: 500754ms (501 seconds / 8.34 minutes) (testing....)

New: 13334ms (13.3 seconds / 0.22 minutes)


3755% speed increase!



The results so far look very promising!


Imagine integrating EVERY gadget, EVERY wallpaper, EVERY custom files, EVERYTHING except Updates + Drivers being integrated at the same time as everything else.


I'm still continuing my research... :)


Is really good the new changes about WTK v2 :) 

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