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[Solved] Looking for DDR2 Ram


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In this case I think I have to disagree with everyone but Rick.  From the pics above, the antenna wires are not connected to anything.  I assume that they are supposed to connect to the wifi card that this is an adapter for, correct?  So without the screws to hold the card firmly to the adapter, the fear is that it will just flop around and possibly short something out?  So what's the problem with just going to a hardware store or electronics store or something and just buying screws, standoffs, nuts, and lock washers of the necessary sizes?  Or, as usual, did I misunderstand again?


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Like this:



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They flip up, so they need the screws to keep them in... I was going to use a zip tie but instead I pulled the mounts off an old dead toshiba qosmio and soldered them onto the wifi card adapter




I used a little ghetto ingenuity and used a cigarette lighter to do so :P



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