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[Solved] Looking for DDR2 Ram


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Thank you SO MUCH guys!!!

Here is the final tally: Intel DQ45CB motherboard, Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 and (I think) 2x1 GB of DDR2 Ram

To replace: ASRock P4VM890, Intel Pentium 4, 2x1 GB DDR1 Ram

The thing I love about the DQ45CB mobo is that is has NO legacy crap: PS2, Serial, Floppy, IDE (current DVD-RW needs adapter, hardly ever use it anyways) and the built in graphics are more than enough. Hopefully they arrive before my step father comes home (he does not know when he is coming but it will be soon. Update: He is comming this Tuesday)

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Good news! I got my new motherboard and cpu today (she is a beaut)




Unfortunately the memory did not. I dont know if it did not get there in time or they forgot it at home... I am sure it will turn up, there is no rush really

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Can somebody explain why DDR2 ram is more expensive than DDR3?


Been searching for some here where I live and I am surprised by this, for a 2GB stick: $51 DDR2 vs $31 DDR3




Its not just where I live, I checked on ebay and its not cheap... If anybody has some DDR2 sticks of this type kicking about it would be HUGE help for me here

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Now I am trying to add WiFi to it, I got this PCIe adapter but it did not come with the screws/mounts to mount the card... WTF china?


Does anybody know what these screws/mounts that are supposed to go here are called? (right now its only the empty holes where they are supposed to go)


BTW if anybody has an old laptop WiFi card sitting around (or because they updated to AC) and would maybe consider donating it. I am currently saving my adf.ly bucks to get a Intel 6250 (because its the oldest still being supported/updated in the proset wifi driver pack, it can do both 2.4 and 5.0 GHz and I currently have an older B/G I grabbed off an older laptop)

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I have tried but you cant screw into the holes

I have see the mounts I am referring to, they go thru the holes, they have a nut on the underside to hold them and a female hole that can receive a screw

This one has them soldered on, this one has screws long enough with nuts for the back, but they are not the ones I talk about but similar... Will keep looking for a pic of them


Edit: aha! this card comes with the hardware I am talking about, you can see them on the side there, the nuts to hold the gold female receivers and the screws that can go in them

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