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Popcap, Bejeweled and ad free rip off.

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I bought the $2.99 "Ad-free" version of bejeweled on my phone and was still seeing occasional ads.


After a handful of emails this is the last response I received from them:


Hello from PopCap,

I am sorry for any inconvenience and thanks for getting back to me.  All version of the Bejeweled game have one banner when the game first launches for a PopCap/EA title.  This can be bypassed by tapping on the 'X' in the upper corner.  All 3rd party ads between levels and menus that exist in the free version of the game are removed on purchase.

If you are still seeing 3rd party ads in the game, please write back and let me know!




Does anyone have any idea who I can go to about this?


It is not ad free as was advertised. God knows how many thousands of $3 they have collected on this false promise.

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EA sucks.  i just absolutely loath that company. Just an awful company all around.  they 'acquire' companies, sometimes good companies that used to make great games, and reduce them to a former shell of themselves all for the sake of squeezing out every penny from people.  i know that doesn't help your situation, but i had to mention it lol.  lets take dungeon keeper for example.  if anyone remember that game from way back.. well take a look at this

just a complete bastardization of the originals.


edit: for those that don't know, EA bought popcap a few years back.

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