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RunOnce not running "Running as system. Aborting..."

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I'm having some trouble with the Win Toolkit Run Once Installer, not running after the installation.


The system32\WinToolkit_RunOnce_Log reports the following:

Version: -----------------STARTING--------------Version: IsSystem: TrueIsAdministrator: TrueVersion: WriteValue:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce | !1WinToolkit=WinToolkitRunOnce.exe | StringVersion: Running as system. Aborting...

If I start the WinToolkitRunOnce.exe manually everything runs without problems.


Any help is much appreciated




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That's completely normal. There is an update which makes the RunOnce run during Windows Installation. When IsSystem is true, it detected it and makes it run again after first logon when IsSystem = false.



Besides that's an old version of the RunOnce and has been fixed since then. Remount the image in WIM Manager and then immediately unmount > save the image to update the RunOnce :)

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Hi Lego,


I just modified the content from the log in my post, as the reason the log contained information about my install jobs was because I had started it manually.


I have just run a fresh install and now the log is a lot shorter, as shown in my updated post.


Thanks for the explanation about the "Running as system" error, however the install jobs have not been run, and since the only error in the log was by design, I have no clue as to why.


Is there additional logging somewhere?



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