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[Solved] NSIS Error


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I have tried 3th party themes to be removed. The error still Display. Also try to remove all tweaks and nLite stuff that is connected to themes.
Here is what i found:
- Remount is not working for me even with changed components

- If u open CMD with SHIFT + F10 during the installation (after restart) and type UTH.EXE it give the error. BUT if i copy form %windir%\system32\ to %windir%\ error is not comming anymore but i have to do this MANUAL during the installation and its not quite good for me.

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I tried:

* Renamed the WinSource directory

* Readd the new directory

* Save image not discard after changes


- 8 Addons
- Services remove (SAFE)

- nLite - remove speech

- Some options


I have to manage how to run task explorer becouse ALT+CTRL+DEL is not working at the time of the error (Right before Preparing your Desktop), So i create second user witch i logon and run lastest process explorer to create minidump of the Processs here is the screenshot:




Process name: Windows UltraUXThemePatcher ( I DONT USE ANY TWEAKS AT THIS MOMENT)

execute mode: UTH.exe /S
execute in: C:\Windows\System32\


I can upload minidump of the process but i didn't see where to upload file to my FILES

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This topic should not has a '[sOLVED]' tag.


following my post here: http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/11943-wintoolkit-silent-installer-throws-an-error-nsis-installer-error/#entry104786


I've tested it also with the '' debug version of Wintoolkit but the NSIS error stills appearing and stopping the setup step.


Thanks for read.

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