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Microsoft Games: 2nd Pack (HyperBowl, Labyrinth, Sudoku, Carioca Rummy)


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I've made separated addons, from following Free Arcade Microsoft Games:

Binaries are only 32-bit but can be installed on both x86 (32-bit) and x64-bit.


1.) Microsoft HyperBowl Plus! Edition (from Microsoft Plus! SuperPack for Windows XP) (2004)

Download  | Architecture: Dual (x86/x64) | Size=17.0 MB  | SHA1: f15269c0720fa7c0e4d0f6c5110754de0f3d6630



2.) Microsoft The Labyrinth Plus! Edition (from Microsoft Plus! SuperPack for Windows XP) (2004)

Download  | Architecture: Dual (x86/x64) |Size=19.4 MB  | SHA1: dbc9d3d6b050e3a84de877cb7e672e53d59f41af



3.) Microsoft Sudoku (2009)

Download  | Architecture: Dual (x86/x64) | Size=4.92 MB  | SHA1: 5272a405a81954b90f3a331d77f087e4f571c1a0



4.) Microsoft Carioca Rummy (2006)

Download  | Architecture: Dual (x86/x64) | Size=1.31 MB  | SHA1: 9260f78510e25ca7b29086342ff56eab1920c42b

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I have the HyperBowl Retail CD but some reason it dose not work anymore, something to do with Activation . But if anyone has an idea to fix that problem i don't mind making an ISO copy of it and sharing it

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    • By MAXtoriX
      Classic Microsoft Games for Embedded OSes (Thin PC), and Windows 8 and 8.1 SKUs.

      Version: 2.0
      Addon Release Date: version 1.0: July 27, 2012; version 2.0: April 21, 2014.
      Shortcut created in: Metro (App) screen, Games Explorer, Start menu/Games
      Uninstallable: Yes
      Author(s): Wiwi-maX / MAXtoriX;
      I'm just that one which collect everything in one universal workable package and create an addon(s)**, but all other credits goes to:
      AsciiWolf - from www.win2008r2workstation.com for patching Windows 7 Games Files.
      Samuka - from www.betaarchive.com for patching Windows 7 Games Files.
      *Reaper* -  from WinCert and WinMatrix for patched Vista Ultimate: Extras (without custom levels in Tinker).
      m.rheenen82 - from members.chello.nl/m.rheenen82 for Tinker Custom Levels.
      Bubbabyte and others - from www.neowin.net for Tinker Custom Levels.

      Games from:

      Windows XP
      - Pinball

      Vista Ultimate: Extras
      - Hold 'Em
      - InkBall
      - Tinker with Tinker Editor (with included collection of extra custom levels)

      Windows 7
      - Chess Titans
      - FreeCell
      - Hearts
      - Internet Backgammon
      - Internet Checkers
      - Internet Spades
      - Mahjong Titans
      - Minesweeper
      - Purple Place
      - Solitaire
      - Spider Solitaire

      Metro screen

      Star Menu -> All Programs -> Games (with StartIsBack+ installed)

      **There are two packages adapted for integration in 32 and 64-bit image. In both packages binaries are same, and they are only 32-bit.
      Download (x86)
      Size: 164MB
      MD5: 99e7af9079b5100a018a01cc3cabf5ba
      SHA-1: 55c414e758443591329f5b2cf1c72498b5e65510
      Download (x64)
      Size: 164 MB
      MD5: d3ad145462c791a4176fd5891e145565
      SHA-1: 4f9ffebdfdf401f8605df8eb5f864ec957e1d422OS Supported:
      Both: x86-32 and 64-bit
      - Windows 7 Embedded Family (also Thin PC);
      - Windows 8.x Family (Beta builds: 8102 DP, 8250 CP, 8400 RP; Final builds: 9200 Win8 RTM, 9600 Win8.1 RTM /w Update 1).

      Update: Maybe you will also like to see:
      Microsoft Games: 2nd Pack (HyperBowl, Labyrinth, Sudoku, Carioca Rummy)
    • By MAXtoriX
      I want to ask someone help me.
      I've Windows 7 ThinPC and I want to play Windows 7 Games i.e. Solitaire, Freecell, Chess Titans... but I don't know how to make them work, I've install CABs:
      and copy-paste games
      with some registry tweaks, but this doesn't work.
      Now I tink most easy simply way to use will be to have "W7GamesAddon.WA_"
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