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[ERROR] File corrupted when trying to combine WTK with RT7

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Good mornig!


I'm having a problem when I try to use Win Toolkit with RT7 Lite. I get a "corrupt file" error message at the end of instalation.


What I'm doing (all tests are made in VirtualBox):


Export the WIM image I want (Professional, in this case) from DVD with WTK, and creat a ISO. I test this ISO on a VM and installation finished without errors. Then, again with WTK, I remove components, make a new ISO and test again. Installation sucessfully. Now, I get the WIM and open it with RT7 Lite. Remove components, make other ISO and test. Now, I get the message saying a file is corrupt, and installation cannot continue.


So, I invert the process. Open the original ISO with RT7, select Professional, remove components, create a ISO (all proccess in a "one-step, because RT7 don't export images, it only save the image you select at start). So, I test it on VM. Installation OK. Then I get the WIM generated by RT7 (a lot smaller, BTW), open in WTK, remove some more components, make a new ISO and test. Again, error about file corrupted.


What I'm doing wrong?? I don't want a unattended installation or a pre-configured windows. Just a installation without some features I don't use here at work.


Thanks in advice!

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RT7 is a much older program that removes items from Windows 7 install image in a "non-standard" way.  Therefore any resulting image will likely have some kind of issues due to the "non-standardness" of the removal process.


If you can stand to not remove anything from the install image, and instead create an automated install that can *not* install those components you do not want, then that would be the safer way to create an install image.

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Thanks, crashfly. I realized this.


The problem with your suggestion is the size of final ISO. After integrating Windows updates and MS-Office with updates, I get an ISO about 10Gb. Don`t fit in a single DVD (my goal is a single DVD). R7L reduces the size of the WIM in anyway I don`t know how (just to know, after removing features with R7L, the inital WIM is about 1Gb, against 2Gb with WTK).


Anyway, I`m leaving R7L. But... If WTK can`t reduce the size of final WIM, how I can do this? And how to remove features manually (I mean, with DISM)?


Just to explain how I`m doing the DVD with WTK:

1. Export Win7 Professional;

2. Remove components;

3. Install it on VM;

4. After install, when it asks for user and computer name, I press SHIFT+F3;

5. Install and setup everything I want (only MS-Office and updates);

6. Capture the image with imagex.


Thanks in advice.

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i also have problem dealing with RT7Lite, it extracts my ISO image of windows7 but after extracting process finish, it stops and promp "Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt." end qoute

but when i test it in VMware, it succeed and i ddnt receive any error. Help me please!!!

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I don't want to encourage the use of an outdated tool such as RT7Lite in any way whatsoever, but I am curious what changed in Win Toolkit if indeed it is true that version was able to work with RT7Lite with no errors while working with the current version has issues.


Cheers and Regards

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