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After integration i still have to install updates


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Hi! Thanks Legolash2o for scuch a great program!!! 

Today i downloaded all win 8.1 x64 updates with the help of WHDownloader_0.8 (WIndows Hotfix Downloder). You cand download the program from here: http://forums.mydigitallife.info/threads/44645-WHDownloader-v0-8-Final

I integrated all updates with WinToolkit v1.4.44.3 . 

I attached the presets. In the first preset KB2919355 was not integrated. Than i tought to do it again but move it at the end and it shows it was integrated. OK till now. I installed the new updated windows onto my laptop and after checking for updates it shows me that i have over 25 updates to install. Look at at the attached image.

The win 8.1 x64  iso is original. I think i did not installed them in the right order. Please help me with this . Thanks very much! You rock!!

first preset 2014-07-09_18-00-02_9 iulie 2014 6 pm.ini

second preset 2014-07-09_18-40-22.ini



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I used windowspatchloader on a fresh install to get all updates.

to make sure it worked i slipstreamed them made a iso. installed got the new updates, repeat this step.

You would need to download updates 3 times if i recall.


And will end up with 2 updates not added, windows defender and another.

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