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  1. Hey, Not sure if this happens while installing or if its in the actuall iso, But i install a few systems every day, and most of them if not all, i run cleanmgr.exe and i notice that it has around 3~4gb of error report files. I guess dumps ? even though install went fine, updates everything and system runs perfectly. so.. yeah wondering it that is also in the wim and taking up space.
  2. is it properly setup in your system path ? so it knows where to find the file ? My system is in dutch but i try to translate, Right click on my computer then go to advanced system settings, from there go to tab advanced Click on the button variables and check your system variables for "Path" press edit, and check if the path for imagex is in there if not simply add a ; at the end and add the path. [Edit] For if you don't plan to use the system path, And simply enter the imagex path by cmd, i noticed if i run a .bat file as admin, it will run from system32 by default no matter what path its executed from. So do a cd imagex path first . Hope this helps.
  3. That is quite odd, though i do not use silent installs, as i use pxe, Could i recommend trying simplix pack ? then add netframework etc onto that ?
  4. Might be a driver issue, boot into save-mode with network, see if it loads properly, if it does install the correct video drivers, Had this issue on a windows 8.1 system even though it was from a original non upgraded cd. If thats not the case, then you might have integrated a update that messes it all up.
  5. Haha yeah i do know that, Just glad to know it will try to do it when possible. Found it on that forum, and thought i should ask, thanks for the information. And of course thanks for the application and work you do on it.
  6. Isn't that often the case that there are pending operations ?
  7. Well i do use the cleanup manager so thanks .
  8. Will this> http://forums.mydigitallife.info/threads/58967-The-Integrator-face-palm-heard-around-the-world?highlight= Help shrink the install.wim file after intergration ? if so, could it be added to win tookit ?
  9. Last time i checked, PXE does not like silent installers or is unable to see it not sure why. But everything i had updates or anything else as silent install, it simply did not show up. or install did stopped with error.
  10. I Would be fine with hardware id's, but for me i often change stuff like hdd's so.. depens for me what hardware id is gone be used. Though how would a hardware id check stop a crack ? simply nop the check and its done. Back on topic, i am fine with a pro version, 15 euro ? sure, i need the esd support so. Not really need but want .
  11. Hey, I was wondering if it would be possible to have it auto run a list of software after install from a samba server< hope i am calling it right. Right now, i am installing windows from serva(PXE) installation, and after this i install a list of software i do this by running a bat file as admin and it silent install all the software. I do it this way, as each day the software gets checked for updates, and updated if needed. Would it be possible for wintoolkit to add something that reads perhaps a ini file, for a runonce after install and it would execute a .bat file ? In my case the .bat file does a pushd and then starts installing the software from the path on the network "\\system\Software" I would love to simply enter username, all other details, and then just walk away come back and see the system reboot with all needed software pre-installed and updated. Except panda-cloud.. for some stupid perhaps lazy reasons. Also i do know there is a bat file that allows you to run some commands and execute some files. The problem is the bat file stuff is often changed even name, and having to redo the wim takes way to much time. Reason i rather have a network.ini/install.ini next to the setup.exe Hope its possible and other people will find this useful as well, thanks for your time on this awesome project.
  12. Might already exist, but ability to easily set a short cut, to a possible not yet existing location/file. If you check the CCleaner .WA thats on this forum it all gets extracted later on, and often there is a 32+64 bit version inside So detect if its 32 or 64 bit program folder you need to have and then make a shortcut to that, if that already exist or i am over complicating things plz ignore me .
  13. Ah the way i do you can of course use wintoolkit to add other stuff as well as drivers i do the same, I simply myself do not intergrate drivers, i have done so before, but somehow i always manage to get one wrong driver into the package that causes windows to not finish its install . I always intergrate around 5 languages extra. After that i generate a iso of it, test it in virtualbox when working i keep it saved win7x32+lang.iso something like this. When that works i will run the latest simplix pack to add all updates, when thats done, make a iso call it win7x32+lang+updates.iso Test in virtualbox again. Then i add tools like .net and other .wa files as i install thru pxe i don't install any silent installers but for usb install that should be fine. Test is the tools runtimes etc are added correctly. if so. I can add drivers if wanted or keep it like that. If i ever want to quickly install drivers on a system i often run driver pack solution. Though i normaly check the motherboard specs and download the drivers from the website i should get them from. Later on i simply reuse the win7x32+lang.iso to add the new simplix pack, you can simply run simplix on your latest +updates to add just a few more, but the size will grow more overtime then doing it fresh. Hope this helps.
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