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Win Toolkit v1.5.1.x + Known Bugs


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Yes it makes an important difference regarding how junction points and symbolic links are captured / managed inside the wim

don't know the exact details or behavior, but the option RP_FIX is always set in microsoft releases (all wim files), that should be a strong clue :P


here's a clear explanation i think:


so, it's necessary, but neither two options affect size

Thanks Abbpdi. What do you think I should add as a description / tooltip? Any suggestions? 

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Well that feature I was going to do today has to be cancelled and will only be in v2.x. I have to spend today looking for some weird bugs issues.


One example is that someone SOMEHOW added a .EXE file in the Addons list which only accepts .WA files. The only thing I can think of is if they edited the last_session.ini and forced the exe in there. That's just one of the strange bugs :(


EDIT: Nope. Preset filters it out too. So I'm even more confused.

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v1.5.2.2 test build is now available fixing issues with the ISO Maker when a DVD is selected or any other read-only source.


1 more hour before the end of Win Toolkit v1.x is over and done with. Apart from any minor bugs which appear in the next month or so.

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