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Win Toolkit v1.5.2.x + Known Bugs


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The final version of the v1.x series has been released. My university degree depends on v2.x being successful, so I will be putting all my effort into that.


Bug Fixes

The only future releases of v1.x will just contain bug fixes. 



The request forum has already been closed.


Known Bugs

I've added more logging to help detect this.




*^FIX: Unattended 'Serial' did not update
*^FIX: MaxDate error if Windows year is set to < 2013
*^FIX: Potential duplicate folder path in RunOnce
*^Better error logging
*^FIX: Fixed potential RunOnce issues
*^FIX: Fixed most too long silent installer path errors
*^FIX: Fixed hanging at end of Update Catalog download
*^Update Catalog code improvements
*^FIX: Fixed incorrect name on Silent Installer
*^FIX: No longer able to work on images with install.wim missing
*^FIX: Temporary fix of Windows 10 image support
*^FIX: Invalid options showing in WIM Manager
*^FIX: Unmount Screen > Cleanup Manager text too big
*^Added more logging on Update Catalog
*^FIX: Fixed image not appearing
*^FIX: AIO Move to top and bottom buttons
*^FIX: Cleanup Manager via Capture Image error when no folder selected
*^FIX: Object null on Cleanup Manager load
*^FIX: Fixed parameter not correct when getting wim info
*^FIX: Index -1 error when moving in AIO
*^FIX: ISO Maker access denied error on DVDs
*^FIX: Corrupt update detection
*^FIX: Null error on update integration
*^FIX: Access denied error on ISO extraction
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Just a heads up. Tomorrow (Sunday), I will be going through all the error logs and reports again to try and see what I can fix in v1.x. If you have made a bug report, please update it with any relevant details.


Sorry I have been on the forum much yesterday and today. I've been at some 2-day training and I still don't have a phone to check the forum, etc.. 2 months without a phone :-O

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1.) Can you please remove protection for any new Post-Windows 8.1 (Windows 10's era) in Wintoolkit 1.x and release a version 1.5.30?

I read about version 2.x but I plan to stuck with version 1.x for a some time, so I don't have problem to work with abounded versions of some program or some alpha/beta build of Windows.


2.) And please one more thing - add checkbox "Do not show this message again." for annoying 'New DISM released' request.


3.) If you decide to release version 1.5.30 the last from branch 1.x development of WinToolkit... if so, please make the last version clean from protection and annoying message.


,thanks in advance


p.s. You make a GREAT software man, continue with good work!

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The easiest way to describe it is... my IP was blocked due to many connections still open lol. It's sorted now.


I could access it via proxy but couldn't sign in. I could also access it via VPN but just slower and no access to FTP via the VPN. Was just an bog standard error 404, couldn't even ping it.

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