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Hello i have a custom make windows 7 image made with rt7lite that does not have sp1 when i integrate sp1 with rt7lite and make the image after the windows installation some settings are altered like the default modifeid theme and probably some other that i dont know for the moment my question is if its possible to take from the unmodified image the settings before i integrate sp1 and load them to rt7lite or to any other program to have the same settings before i slipstream sp1 to load the default modified theme etc.or if its possible that the iso has a file with the changes rt7lite did before sp1 installation to know what it changes after sp1 integration.

i don`t have the rt7lite settings file anymore that's why i ask if there is a way that the settings are in the windows iso somewhere inside in a file.


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You would need to ask your question on a RT7Lite forum, if there is such a thing.  But RT7Lite has not been updated or officially supported for many years.  When you say that you don't have the settings file anymore, I suspect that you actually acquired the image that someone else modified with RT7Lite, (warez?), so I'm afraid you're probably on your own.  This board is for helping folks modify their own OS images themselves.  Good luck!


Cheers and Regards

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