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Addon Makers : PLEASE READ


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Hey guys, firstly thanks for your awesome work. I was wondering if there is any feature requests for addons in v2.x? Any extra capability? I don't mean the Addon Maker, but addons themselves.


I do intent to keep backward compatibility support for 1.x addons but one example I will be changing is to use XML instead of text in the tasks.txt



The reason I ask is because for the first time in about 3 years I've looked at the addon integration code and wrote it from SCRATCH. It's now so much easier to read, understand and add new features. I mean it's now really easy to add new features.


Also any issues with the addons will notify the user during adding to the list so no more "You made have made a spelling mistake" during integration as it now shows exactly what it could not understand. There's also a lot of over improvements too, it's even more efficient.


Not only am i asking addon makers what new features the addons themselves can do but what sort of information to show if something goes wrong. :)



An important update to it is better support for non-English computers which can cause errors.

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Ya there is sweet somethimg to add can yo make wintool kit paclage a replacement for old addon , I.E a DX pack contain file direct copy to programe file then an apply regstiry setting , i.e if I had to add msdart via wintoolkit I had to manually do this if some one make this pack for the wtk alot of pepole will love this .

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Might already exist, but ability to easily set a short cut, to a possible not yet existing location/file.

If you check the CCleaner .WA thats on this forum it all gets extracted later on, and often there is a 32+64 bit version inside

So detect if its 32 or 64 bit program folder you need to have and then make a shortcut to that, if that already exist or i am over complicating things plz ignore me :P.

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The ability to copy files/folders to the WinSxS directory (as example) would be nice :)
it's extra protected by TrustedInstaller as you know (implementing this would help)
moreover, applying a wim file to the mounted image
because wim preserve NT Security ACLs, and eliminates the need for extra privileges to add files to the protected directories
using the current feature leads to error in mounting registry, i. e.

[RUNCMD]dism.exe|/Apply-Image /ImageFile:VCredist.wim /Index:1 /ApplyDir:%WIM%

this new feature if possible will help making correct complete addon for the vcredist 2005/2008 (which adds files to winsxs)
it also will make it possible to create offline addon for Windows7's KB2533552 :D

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