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[req] remove win 10 upgrade nag screen


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This was added with KB3035583, so just don't integrate that update. Simple as that.


Well, maybe not THAT simple. You probably need to turn off Automatic updates so that it doesn't get automatically installed later, and to hide the update. I don't know how you'd hide an update with WinToolkit, probably could use a .reg file.



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turning off auto update isn't an ideal solution.

there are multitude of options in wintoolkit to make tweaks etc. I assume a lot of those are reg files.  if that isn't possible, then seems like there should be a way to modify the file to block/disable the nag. i know of at least one other tweak in wintoolkit that uses a modified file, maybe there are more, but i don't really know.

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In this particular case, hiding the KB3035583 update and not installing it should be sufficient, at least for now.  No need to try and modify it, or to adapt Win Toolkit to handle it differently, that I'm aware of.


As for auto updates, I can see the use for it for my mom's computer or for anyone who is not very computer literate, but for anyone who is capable of running Win Toolkit, I would strongly suggest setting the auto update to notify only, then wait until the updates have been out for a week or two before applying them to your system if there have been no "gotcha's" reported.  That's what I do on my system and all systems that I maintain.  With all the update mistakes that MS has made, and that have seemed to be increasing, it's just safer.


Cheers and Regards

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turning off auto updates, and notify only settings isn't a viable solution for the computers I deal with. and things are just getting worse now, with the w10 upgrade is becomming more naggine and obtrusive and being pushed more and more on people?

I've even read that microsoft is automatically downloading the upgrade to people's computers w/o their conscent (just in case they decide to want to upgrade to w10).


edit: i see theres a topic on http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/13067-how-to-avoid-being-upgraded-to-win-10-against-your-will/

i guess that would work for most people, but i'm not what you'd consider an advanced person in these things.  i make maybe 1-2 new builds a year and basically have to re-learn how to do it every time since so much time has passed :P

wintoolkit had this tweaks tab, with various options and checkboxes to have a more customized build. i was hoping for something along those lines :)

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And in that topic you posted, I submitted the following that "should" keep most people from seeing the nag.
Supposedly, the following reg file will make it so the OS does not offer you a Windows 10 upgrade.  [Yes this still allows the updates, but for those computers that you just do not want the end user attempting to upgrade to Windows 10, this should work.]
Save the following as a registry file and have Windows 7 load the file:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Gwx]"DisableGwx"=dword:00000001
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