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[Addon] Blue XP Task Manager

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This is what i got

Hello m8, love your name (lsd me :P )

Was wondering if you could be so kind and share the locations and values of the location for your Vista and XP task managers?

I wanna update my own for XP SP3 and Vista SP1...I would greatly appreciate it



It is not that simple. And I have not done SP3 or 64 so I could not even say. Long hours of trial and error is how you do it. I use XVI32 and Resource Tuner. All you can do is hex edit one color code save and apply, then check to see if it changed. Ohh, take a picture of each address each time you change it, so you can know to skip next time. Change one then check, if all good, keep image and name it what section it changed. Then toss that taskmanager, edit a new one and skip that first address and move on to the next color, change, test, delete, get new, on to the third address. That is the best way to do it because if you keep editing the same edited one you may change something incorrect and not notice. Then once you have them all changed and have images of each address get a new taskmanager and make all edits at once. Then in resource tuner or whatever you want to use, do the icon changes.

Here is where I got my hex colors>>>




Just a heads up, it will take you at least a hour or two for sure

Hey, here is my older images, but they will not be the same. I am just showing you so you get the idea of how I mean to do it


Images download (These were XP addresses)>>>


M34n already made x64 SP! if you need it here>>>


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Ooops, i've checked sp3 taskmgr file and the hex adresses doesnt match. Wow, really hard to find which one is for colour. lsdmeasap have done a great job on first release.

Edit: I've finished my turkish sp3 one. Working perfect. But after putting the patched file in system32, windows errors started. DEP shuts explorer.exe down. I dunno the reason... :(

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Updated for SP3

Any of the previous requests for this to be modded I wanna report that I can do it now

Plz upload your taskmgr.exe from your Windows XP and I will see what I can do

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Here is the french task manager (this is not a addon) Link updated


The English taskmgr.exe has been updated, I seemed to have missed the Page File spike (it was still yellow) its fixed now plz redownload

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Why dont u update exe's icon too? Also it has a yellow bar in networking tab. Its not your fault, some of the images modify same addresses...

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