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  1. Well, i love the addons, can pls integrate the SQL Runtime with the addons, whic are needed to run with the help of SQL Runtime BTW , Great addons...
  2. How can i make one for an English version ?
  3. Nice work!!! Happy & proud to see an Indian doin this.... :wub_anim:
  4. and here's an update! Nero from Nero Download Nero 8
  5. Welcome mate I'm too from India..
  6. I need the Nero Disc-Copy gadget with the Vista RTM Sidebar... (32 bit) Thanks in Advance I'm installed already Rick's customized Sidebar in XP, can I add this gadget in that?
  7. It will work in Win 2000 I checked it, and it works well in win 2000
  8. i THINK they had encryped the real information. This is a fake message. Just a thought
  9. I'll try and tell you in 2 days. i'm goin to format my HDD
  10. Add a uninstaller and give, becoz, i dont have a VM(due to my RAM is 128MB)
  11. Ofcourse cyg, I placed it manually on my own, and it works... i thought, it will work only in Win XP, but now proved. :angry:
  12. That screen shot seems like XP. Anyhow, Damien, not get like that in Win 2000 It seems same as before installation..
  13. Yeah, i missed to install in Safe Mode.. I'm having dual OS, Win 2000 and Xp, and i cant know to boot into safe mode, becoz of dual OS. OEMLOGO, where is it? You mean this one? this is taken, when i test it first..
  14. Shell32.dll file not copied, during installation.. The files after shell32 are also not copied, bwfore that all arefine Vista 2000 BootScreen, My Comp,IE 7 ICon,etc Start Menu Vista 2000 Vista Sounds and walls all are fine.. If possible add some screensavers.. I think, you need to shut the Explorer.exe, and to copy the Shell32
  15. I'l test it when i go to my home need a screeshot.. Upload the image to ImageShack.us and post the ThumbNail.. THanks
  16. Happy Birthday Mate, Rick BTW to also Cyg's Dad
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