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Cant download any ISO


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Ok, i can confirm that!

I did the same as you, but there's some differences...

First, i picked Windows 10 Home/Pro in English language:


Then, i got the download links for 32 and 64 bits:


But, when i click to download:


Can you help us, @Jan Krohn?


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Tatsächlich. Dieses Problem tritt nur auf, wenn wir versuchen, "Redstone 3" herunterzuladen.

Indeed. This problem only occurs when we try to download "Redstone 3".

This discussion is happening here: 

I thought it was happening to another versions, because i saw some errors while trying to download "Redstone 2". But, now, it's not happening anymore.

It means that "ISO Downloader" is ready to download "Redstone 3" at the launch date. This is awesome. ;)

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Correct! Everything is prepared for October 17 :-D

Error message 715-123130 occurs when your IP address or Microsoft account gets banned for downloading too many files. Just wait 24 hours, and the ban gets lifted automatically. Also, logging in with an education accound (and probably with a business account as well) lifts the ban instantly.

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i had the same problem but i solved this by going to control panel / region/ then  change format and locations to USA.

my set up before was  Saudi Arabia .

now i am using windows 8.1 enterprise evaluations . 

in windows 7 go to control panel / language and region / then  change format and locations to USA.

note : i set up back to Saudi Arabia but the problem back again and then set up to USA and  the download appears to be downloaded ok i downloaded some of windows and office and that was perfect .

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