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Language and 64/32 Windows

Pavel Kadaňka

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Hey guys,

im trying to make a huge multiboot portable harddisk with the most used Windows OSes and
i need everything in 32/64 English/Czech.

Do i really have to download 4 versions (CZ 32bit/CZ 64bit/EN 32bit/EN 64bit) to be able to install every distribution in both languages and 32/64 versions?

I would appreciate any tips on how to make it easier, so i dont need to download about 10GB of files so i can do this per distribution :)

Also I'm sorry if this is not the right place to ask i just don't really know if someone could answer me this better then you guys, since im downloading from this wonderful piece of software.

Thank you, 


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I don't use multiboot so I cannot advise but you can create separate x86 and x64 multilanguage install by integrating the needed language packs with WinToolkit

Use any language as base to integrate the needed ones. When you install, a language selection box is presented to choose which language to install

You can find here any needed language packs http://www.pcdiy.com/146/windows-7-service-pack-1-language-packs-download


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