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Windows ISO Downloader on Windows Vista


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At the moment you can wait for version 6.0 of the tool (Jan released an info about) or take this link


but no OS's are availableYou can choose Win7 Ultimate SP1 and erase the  file ei.cfg from the ISO with the eicfg_removal_utility.zip

 after that you can choose during installation every version from Starter up to Ultimate (x86) or Basic up to Ultimate (x64).

Happy New Year

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15 minutes ago, SaintMark said:

Hi, I to am a Windows Vista user and the ISO_downloader is blank :(

Is there any chance of a Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit?

Thank you :)

There are currently very slim chances of a Win 7 download link.

Have a look at the following thread that includes a few alternative download sources:


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Hello.  I am running into the same issue.  I bought a version of Windows 7 back in 2010 and never downloaded it.  I am currently having to use an old laptop which is running Vista and would like to upgrade it to 7, but I can only download it in the Korean version, from Microsoft's site.  The original download link is no longer active, from Digital River.  

I grabbed the downloader, but it does not work with Vista. 

I am needing a link for the downloader for Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit - English, if possible.   I looked at the previous post and nothing seems to be available.  Am I out of luck?

Thank you.  


Lisa H. 

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