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Important announcement for MultiPass users

Jan Krohn

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Dear WinCert community,

Effective immediately, we no longer participate in the MultiPass network. If you have a MP subscription, please read on, as we want to make the transition as smooth as possible for everyone.

MP has always only covered the WinCert blog, and not the forum. For this reason, I have wanted to replace it with Google Contributor ever since taking ownership of the site. Google has not yet accepted us for membership, but once they do, you will be able again to opt out of ads on WinCert. As always, you can become a forum sponsor which disables ads display on the WinCert forum (albeit not on the blog).

If you have an MP subscription for the current month, we don't want to upset you by removing your MP privileges on WinCert net without prior notice. Therefore we want to give you two options to choose from to make up for the loss. To claim one of these offers, you will need to provide a proof of payment for your MP subscription between 18 March and 17 April 2018, and have a WinCert forum account with a matching email address that was created no later than 17 April 2018.

1. Pro rata refund of the current month's MP subscription fee. You can claim your refund through WinCert, not MultiPass. If you wish to receive a refund, you can contact me directly through forum messaging, and provide the requested documents, as well as your PayPal details or your IBAN so that we can issue the refund.

2. Free basic forum sponsorship for one year. Forum sponsorship will disable ads on the WinCert forum only. If you can provide a second MP proof of payment no older that one year (17 April 2017), you can claim free platinum forum sponsorship for one year. If you are a sponsor already, we'll raise your sponsorship level to platinum or ultimate for a year for free. If you're already an ultimate sponsor, we'll append one year for free. To claim your forum sponsorship, please contact me through forum messaging and provide the requested document.

Best wishes,


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