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how 2 add a 3rd party app to runonce..syntax,other questions

Cobb Scouse

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Hello Wincert forum members,

I have been a long time on/off user of various versions of Windows XP (modded,and stock OEM...as a PC OS hobbyist...),and have run into a problem i was hoping some Wincert IT types could help me to successfully accomplish....

that being said,i am looking for a way to install a few 3rd party freeware (yes...freeware...not nagware,freemiumware,nor trialware)apps during the last 13 minutes or less of Windows XP GUI Mode...so would anyone one know how the syntax for nLite runonce (gui runonce??)options or another way to install my apps silently,and before windows xp setup launches XP desktop settings???

I have recently "noticed",and "noted" that Windows XP has not been supported since year 2014...and that i no longer can find the MSFN unattended XP guide online(if anyone has a "link" to the MSFN XP unattended guide in PDF format...would like a "valid" link in your reply...; )

Thanks in advance for any,all replies to this thread...

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Download some nLite addons and study how they are made, it's not rocket science.

In a nutshell, you need to package your silent installer inside a folder named svcpack, and create a text file named ENTRIES_name_of_the prog.INI

You only have two sections mandatory:

[EditFile] & [AddProgram]


example (in this case the file wrarsfx.exe will be copied in the folder i386/svcpack of XP install and executed at T-13):

description=WinRAR Corp





If you want to launch some files at first login, In last_session.ini, you can add command lines in [GuiRunOnce] section, example:



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    • By Cobb Scouse
      Let me preface this post by saying I am a "hobbyist"...that likes to customize windows xp os for my own pleasure so to speak...
      I have been having issues with nLite creating an unattended XP distribution;specifically problems of getting the nLied XP setup to run a custom new style billboard during gui-mode setup phase....I have had success(luck??),however,after using windows unattended cd creater "beta" utility getting the previous nLited XP distro to run the new style billboard screen during gui mode setup so what I need to know is which setup system files enable (or disable) the running of winntbbu.dll (or winntbba.dll...)...?_?
      If any IT/ techies can help me with this issue,please reply at your convenience...
    • By GuizmoPhil
      Hello everyone.
      First of all, I'd like to thank all of the members of this great forum community, because I've been abe to accomplish mostly everything that I've wanted to using all the topics and tutorials available on this forum.
      Unfortunately for me, there are two updates that I cannot seem to integrate to my Windows XP x86 SP3 DVD using nLite.
      The two updates are KB2798897 and KB2846071.
      Let's first start with KB2846071.
      I tried adding this hotfix in the normal way using nLite. I simply added the file WindowsXP-KB2846071-x86-FRA.exe from Microsoft download center at the hotfix page. nLite took it and I didn't got any error. (FRA, beccause my Windows is in French language)
      But after installing Windows, this update pops in the Windows Update results, which means it didn't got integrated correctly to the installation disc.
      I then tried integrating it using the Nonno Fabio & OnePiece Addon Creator. I tried two different way. The first one was to simple create it as an UpdatePack. While integrating, nLite poped an error H- related to the lenght parameters.

      Then I tried another method with the Nonno Fabio & OnePiece Addon Creator. I selected Internet Explorer 8 instead of UpdatePack. Thus created a TrueAddon containing only thins update. When I added this TrueAddon to nlite, I didn,t get any error, so I was quite confident it had worked.
      Well no, it didn't, once Windows was installed, I still had this KB2846071 poping up in the WindowsUpdate results.
      Now to the second update causing headaches; KB2798897.
      I tried at first to integrate this file normally using nLite at the hotfix page by adding the rvkroots.exe file from Microsoft download center. It didn't work, nLite said that it wasn't a compatible file or something like that. Then I have googled around and ended up on this forum on the folowwing thread: http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/9984-repak-kb2798897-revoked-root-certificate/
      The suggestion is to rename rvkroots.exe to rootsupt.exe so that nLite recognise it. nLite did recognise it and integration went well. Well, at least it didn't pop any error. But after installing Windows, KB2798897 showed up in the Windows Update results. So I had failed again!
      In the same topic, on post #3, user ricktendo posted a AIO pack of the update. I went ahead and tried it by renaming the file rootsaio.exe to rootsupt.exe so that nLite recognize it. nLite took it without any problem again. But once Windows installed, here I had this KB2798897 poping up again in the Windows Update results.
      So this is all I've tried so far (and all I can think of). Any help would be much appreciated. My Windows XP Post SP3 disc is all updated, only these two updates won't integrate and I can't seem to know why. I managed to integrate all the dotNET, IE8 and MP11 without much troubles, but these two updates are a pain in the **.

      Thanks in advance,
    • By sp0iledbrat
      I'd like to share the nLite SVCPACK add-ons I've made and maintained for some time now (over 2 years) over at MSFN.
      At the moment, I feel it's too much work for me to post (even copy/paste) individual sizes, MD5/SHA1 sums etc., but I will get around to it soon.
      The download links are:
      MediaFire: http://www.mediafire.com/Sp0iLeDBrAtUPLOAD
      Mirror: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/vcu9qfub8m8upib/wy09GvGkgi
      If you have any problems with any of the add-ons, please PM me.
      Note: all add-ons are for 32-bit (x86) Windows XP. Additionally, they have all been tested and working, most of them on a live install, and some in a virtual machine.
    • By coolkips
      Can somebody explain to me about these three addon:
      True Addon
      Svcpack Addon
      RunOnceEx addon

      And, can we make addon with DX's Universal UpdatePack-Addon Creator [DXUPAC]
      Last, what's different between switchless installer and true addon/ svcpack addon?
      I'm really new to Addon Maker and Windows XP Installer Maker. I've ever use nLite and RVM Integrator but without addon inserted.
      Any help and answer is appreciated.
    • By Kevin Acuña Meneses
      Rick o algun otro user, respondanme porfavor esta pregunta...
      Por qué en todos los sistemas que personalizo no se puede hacer clic derecho en el menú inicio? me refiero a que solo en el menu inicio no puedo hacer clic derecho, pero en el escritorio porejemplo si se puede, en los archivos tambien...
      ¿por que sucede esto?
      Estos son los tweaks que pongo con nLite

      Barra de Tareas.-Bloquear la Barra de tareas.-Si
      Barra de Tareas.-Deshabilita Globos de Sugerencias.
      Barra de Tareas.-Deshabilita la Barra de Lenguaje.
      Efectos Visuales.-Degradado en títulos de ventanas.-Deshabilitar
      Efectos Visuales.-Sombra del cursor.-Habilitar
      Efectos Visuales.-Sombras de menús.-Habilitar
      Efectos Visuales.-Suavizar bordes de las fuentes en pantalla.-'ClearType'.
      Efectos Visuales.-Usar sombras en las etiquetas de los iconos en el escritorio.-Habilitar
      Efectos Visuales.-Usar una imagen de fondo para cada tipo de carpeta.-Deshabilitar
      Escritorio.-Ajustar los títulos de los iconos.-Habilitar
      Escritorio.-Icono Internet Explorer-Mostrar.
      Escritorio.-Icono Mi PC-Mostrar.
      Escritorio.-Icono Papelera de Reciclaje-Mostrar.
      Escritorio.-Tamaño de iconos en el escritorio.-32
      Explorador.-Añadir 'CMD SHELL':> a el menú contextual de carpetas.
      Explorador.-Asocia tipos de archivos adicionales a Block de Notas.
      Explorador.-Búsqueda Avanzada: Preconfigurar Opciones.
      Explorador.-Cambiar vista de carpetas del Explorador de Windows.-Mosaico
      Explorador.-Deshabilita 'Sticky Keys' (Accesibilidad).
      Explorador.-Deshabilitar flecha de acceso directo.
      Explorador.-Deshabilitar Prefijo: Acceso directo a.
      Explorador.-Mostrar la ruta completa en la barra de direcciones.
      Explorador.-Panel de Control Clásico
      Explorador.-Papelera de reciclaje: Permite cambiarle el nombre ó eliminarla.
      Internet Explorer-Ajusta Internet Explorer para aceptar 10 conexiones al mismo tiempo.
      Internet Explorer-Deshabilitar favorito 'Market Place'.
      Internet Explorer-Deshabilitar favoritos creados por Media Player 6.4.
      Internet Explorer-Deshabilitar notificación de Descarga Completada.
      Menú Inicio.-Deshabilita Arrastrar y Soltar.
      Menú Inicio.-Deshabilita Resaltar programas recientemente instalados.
      Menú Inicio.-Deshabilita y remueve la Lista de Documentos del Menú Inicio.
      Menú Inicio.-Eliminar el acceso directo 'Windows Catalog'
      Menú Inicio.-Impresoras y Faxes.-Mostrar como un enlace.
      Menú Inicio.-Mi Música.-Mostrar como un enlace.
      Menú Inicio.-Mi PC.-Mostrar como un enlace.
      Menú Inicio.-Mis Documentos-Mostrar como un enlace.
      Menú Inicio.-Mis Imágenes.-Mostrar como un enlace.
      Menú Inicio.-Mis Sitios de Red.-Mostrar como un enlace.
      Menú Inicio.-No usar Menús Personalizados.
      Menú Inicio.-Panel de Control.-Mostrar como un enlace.
      Menú Inicio.-Reduce el retraso de menús.
      Menú Inicio.-Remueve Buscar Personas de la Búsqueda.
      Menú Inicio.-Remueve el acceso directo a Windows Update.
      Menú Inicio.-Remueve encontrar en Internet desde la Búsqueda.
      Mi PC.-Agrega Administrador de Dispositivos al Menú Contextual
      Mi PC.-Remueve Búsqueda del Menú Contextual.
      Mi PC.-Remueve Documentos Compartidos.
      Privacidad.-Deshabilita el Reporte de Errores.
      Privacidad.-Deshabilitar mensaje: Actualizar Controlador en Internet
      Red-Deshabilita búsqueda automática de carpetas de red e impresoras.
      Red-Deshabilita Modo Simple de Compartir Archivos.
      Red-Deshabilita Recursos Compartidos Administrativos.
      Red-Deshabilita Restaurar Conexiones a Unidades de Red en el inicio de sesión.
      Red-Oculta PC en Grupos de Trabajo/Dominios.
      Rendimiento.-Deshabilita Advertir de poco espacio en disco.
      Rendimiento.-Deshabilita el Seguimiento de Accesos Directos Erróneos.
      Rendimiento.-Deshabilita el Tiempo de Último acceso en archivos.
      Rendimiento.-Deshabilita Optimizar disco duro cuando esté inactivo.
      Seguridad.-Deshabilita Protector de Pantalla.
      Seguridad.-Habilita la Contraseña del Protector de Pantalla.-Deshabilitado

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