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event id for wdsc_offline scan


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When I do an offline scan I get no notifications, good or bad, after the scan completes. If I look at "Scan History" / "Last Scan" the scan described is my last auto scan, not the offline one I just did. Neither are there any messages in the event log, other than Windows saying the next boot will be an offline scan (which it did). Is this normal behavior?

I'm thinking the offline scan is done outside of Windows, so it doesn't have access to the normal notification and event logging services, so I shouldn't expect any feedback. But I just want make sure that theory is correct.

Here's what happens in detail:
a) I ask for an offline scan.
b) The machine reboots.
c) I see the scan progress bar (on my 2ndary monitor for some reason).
d) After the progress bar reaches 95% the machine just reboots --no pausing or prompting to let me see that it's done, and I'm left in the situation I described in the 1st paragraph.

Is this how it's supposed to work?

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Yes, this is how it works. The scan has finished, you just didn't see the jump from 95%-100%.

If you suspect that your hard drive is not operating properly, you can still use some of the third party apps to check it out:




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