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Download Office 2007 from archiv.org?


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Microsoft will no longer let us download Office 2007, and the Heidoc tool also cannot obtain it.

This is frustrating, as my partner has just upgraded to Windows 10 and finds he no longer has access to Office.  He has the product key (but no disc) and, as a pensioner, he cannot afford to buy a more recent version. Office 2007 is sufficient for his needs and as he rarely uses the internet he should be quite safe.

Does anyone know if it is safe to download the Office 2007 installer from archiv.org?  There is a vast database of useful software there.

I did manage to download an .exe but my antivirus flagged it as containing a 'generic trojan'.  Now the AV is very watchful (as it should be) but it often flags up stuff that is perfectly fine.

Are .exe's etc on archiv.org scanned; are they likely to be clean?  If not, where else might I try?  Thank you.

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It has been quite a few years but if I recall correctly, only 4 editions of Office 2007 downloads were offered by Microsoft to consumers and they are all in EXE format. Hashes are not needed for the .EXE I sent you because the executable was signed by Microsoft and the digital signature is valid. If your anti-virus flag the file I sent you as dangerous, it is a false positive.

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