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I downloaded Win7 w/SP1 x64 german ISO directly from Microsoft and used WinToolkit 1.7x to integrate all the updates, .net-Runtimes etc.

Most of the updates I downloaded using whdownloader, but the missing ones I added by downloading them from ms update catalog (.net and c runtimes as Addon from this site).


After installation Windows Updates tells me it needs to install SP1 with about 9MB of size?!?

2019-10 cumulative update KB4524752  and security update KB3046269 are missing too, but I added them to the update-list.


Any idea on how to fix this issue?


Thank you!


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21 hours ago, Troubadix said:

Most of the updates I downloaded using whdownloader


21 hours ago, Troubadix said:

(.net and c runtimes as Addon from this site)

You should've stopped there. Windows 7 has a lot of obsolete updates and/or updates that are only required to make Windows Update client happy. If you're making your own up-to-date iso, using Windows Update after installation is, imo, pointless.

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1 hour ago, rhahgleuhargh said:


Just check the tutos at the end of the first post of the tread, one is written in German. The 9 MB of Windows SP1 is due to obsolete KB2533552.

Some updates need to be hidden in WU because of a bug, this is the reason why some are requested even your ISO is up-to-date. All needed material is in the fist post.

Thank you, I didn't noticed the tutorials at first read. Will give this a try.

"tuto de april" doesn't sound much like "Tutorial in German".


@shhnedo: I'm using WU to check if everything is up to date while testing. When I'm ok with the ISO I will not use this.


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