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OnePiece's Internet Explorer 7 True Addon w/updates


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Searching for IE 8? See here: Internet Explorer 8 RTM for Windows XP with updates Addons

- "True" Addon: dropped - please use Universal Addon Creator like I do and you'll get this: http://voidseesaw.com/onepiece/OnePiece_IE7_WinXPSP3_AddOn_ENU.7z - hash MD5 CCAC2C0427C64788B4C8BEEA2C144E40 - hosting kindly provided by voidseesaw (many thanks to him)

- Universal Addon Creator: (for IE7 and IE8 for Windows XP and Server 2003, in every language):

RUN_Automatic_IE(7&8 _(XP&2K3)_Own_AddOn_Creator_INTL.exe

http://www.adrive.com/public/df148ae3b3a10158745448280 non359cf040a4103d053ef29386f1a99b4ad9677f.html



Hash MD5 910BF47972355CF5E2DA59191E0CF8C7

Size: 2.7 MB (2818257 bytes)

This tool allows you to create your own updated IE addon in every language you need. You must place only IE installer and the desired hotfixes (obsoleted one will not be integrated) in your own language in a temp folder. Then run the Addon Creator, enter the path of your folder and wait a few seconds/minutes (depends on your system) for the completion popup.

It's suggested to stop your AV real-time scanning before you run the Addon Creator because it could interfere with addon creation process. If your AV warns you about Addon Creator, don't worry: it's a false positive brought by the use of Quick Batch File Compiler. Relax and test it on www.virustotal.com or similar.

IE7 installer and available hotfixes:

Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP

KB889333 - request-only

KB935560 - request-only

KB938127-v2 - security update

KB972260 - cumulative security update

The default behavior allows you to create a True Addon: but you can get a Svcpack or a RunOnceEx Addon with the choice to customize switches (for example, making your own addon uninstallable or not unistallable removing /NOBACKUP switch) by adding in the temp directory a simple text file named "switchS.txt" for Svcpack Addon or "switchR.txt" for Runonceex addon, with your favorite switches. Very important: the text in txt file must have no spaces at the end of the line and must be only on one line without hyphening. (see image)

Using new Universal Creator you can also add, in the same way of SwitchR.txt or SwitchrS.txt files, an optional IEAddReg.txt and/or an IEDelReg.txt file: their purpose is to add or delete IE7-IE8 reglines in your IE setup (at PerUser Settings time, the very last one of Windows setup) so you can add your personale IE tweaks

You must compile it in .inf file syntax, not as a regfile, as in this example

HKCU,"Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main","SearchMigrated",0x10001,1

I suggest to watch these images:





You can also decide if keeping or not IE Desktop Icon:



The IE addon will work with Nlite 1.4.x and RVM Integrator 1.6.x on a Windows XP SP 2 or SP 3 (or Windows 2003 Server) source

IE integration esthetic side effects (not Addon bugs):

* only for RVMi users - Integrator will warn about 2 files exceeding 8.3 format, ieframe.dll.mui and msfeedsbs.dll: don't worry because integration works fine anyway

* setuperr.log will point out harmless error messages about some IE files like imgutil.dll, inetcpl.cpl, inseng.dll, mshtml.dll, msrating.dll, pngfilt.dll, occache.dll, webcheck.dll (caused by the patched Syssetup.dll used for integration and then restored with the original one). If you don't tolerate it you can integrate in addition this Onepiece Repair IE cosmetic problems addon (Hash MD5 776B9EF697DF0EA0B65DEC5E99339EFD - Filesize: 1.46 Kb) which does nothing else than cleaning those false errors in your setuperr.log file.

Many thanks to Nuhi (www.nliteos.com) who first used a similar integration way and to Siginet (http://support.siginetsoftware.com) for his RVM Integrator and his suggestions


1.6.0 (2007-07-03): bug fixes on 8.3 addon

1.6.1 (2007-07-05): fixed bug with RunOnceEx.cmd

1.6.2 (2007-07-12): bug fixes and cosmetic changes

1.7.0 (2007-08-24): updated with KB938127 and latest Cumulative Security Update KB937143

1.7.1 (2007-09-03): added Ricktendo suggestion - see post below - and fixed Nlite claims caused by newer IE6 files when integrating along with RVMUP

1.7.1 (2007-09-04): registering as default browser

1.7.2 (2007-09-12): restored syssetup.inf line (in other words, reverted to 1.7.1 v2007-09-03)

1.8.0 (2007-10-10): based on new IE7 - updated with latest Cumulative Security Update KB939653

1.8.2 (2007-11-20): fixed "offline Web Pages" folder (tnx Ricktendo); fixed Syssetup.dll patching for Integrator

1.8.3 (2007-12-02): fixed Syssetup.dll patching for Integrator

1.9.0 (2007-12-12): added KB942615 (supersedes KB939653), KB935560 and KB945007

1.9.1 (2007-12-19): Cleaned addon structure; removed non 8.3-compliant addon

1.9.2 (2007-12-23): added compatibility with SP3 RC

1.9.3 (2008-01-19) some little improvements

2.0.0 (2008-02-13) added KB944533 and KB947518; removed KB942615 and KB945007

2.0.1 (2008-02-14) added compatibility for XP SP3 RC2 build 3300 for Onepiece's true addon; removed AddonCreators due to low request

2.0.2 (2008-02-17) fixed Nlite bug

2.0.3 (2008-02-25) added compatibility for XP SP3 build 3311

2.0.4 (2008-03-07) simplified RVMi Plugin: now is always international; restored new AddonCreators

2.0.5 (2008-03-22) added compatibility for XP SP3 build 5503

2.1.0 (2008-04-10) added hotfix KB947864; removed KB944533 and KB947518

2.1.1 (2008-04-25) added compatibility for XP SP3 build 5512

2.2.0 (2008-06-13) added KB950759; removed KB947864

2.2.1 (2008-06-28) added KB928090

2.3.0 (2008-08-26) added KB889333 and KB953838; removed KB947864; released RunOnceEx addon

2.3.1 (2008-09-16) fixed ProductID issue (thanks to Kal & Ricktendo); update KB938127 to v2

2.4.0 (2008-10-21) added KB956390; removed KB953838

2.5.0 (2008-12-14) added KB958215; removed KB956390

2.5.1 (2008-12-19) added KB960714

2.5.2 (2008-12-25) ie.inf Fix (only "true" versions)

2.5.3 (2009-01-28) Fixed NAS and Adobe bugs

2.5.4 (2009-01-31) Windows Components Installation

2.6.0 (2008-12-14) added KB961260; removed KB958215 and KB960714

(2009-04-14) New Universal Addon Creator; removed IE7 addon.

(2009-05-08 ) Updated IE Desktop Icon switch mode

(2009-06-16 ) Minor changes - fixed IE7 uncompressed addon bug

(2009-07-29 ) Minor changes (for IE8 only)

Edited by kontini
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Fixed links, removed download buttons... Custom BBCode messes up when you edit your posts, this is a known forum bug (and a real pain in the ass if you ask me)

And thanks for the great addons OnePiece and kontini

EDIT: Can you ask OnePice if this should not be changed in the 8.3 addon (its not the same files as depicted in [txtsetup_files] section)

admparse.dll.mui	= 16
advpack.dll.mui = 16
extmgr.dll.mui = 16
feeddisc.wav = 16
hmmapi.dll.mui = 16
html.iec.mui = 16
icardie.dll = 16
icardie.dll.mui = 16
icrav03.rat = 16
idndl.dll = 16
ie4uinit.exe.mui = 16
ieakeng.dll.mui = 16
ieakmmc.chm = 16
ieaksie.dll.mui = 16
ieakui.dll.mui = 16
ieapfltr.dat = 16
ieapfltr.dll = 16
iedkcs32.dll.mui = 16
iedw.exe.mui = 16
ieframe.dll = 16
ieframe.dll.mui = 16
iepeers.dll.mui = 16
ieproxy.dll = 16
iertutil.dll = 16
iesetup.dll.mui = 16
ieudinit.exe = 16
ieui.dll = 16
ieui.dll.mui = 16
ieunatt.exe.mui = 16
iexplore.exe.mui = 16
inetcorp.iem = 16
inetcpl.cpl.mui = 16
inetres.adm = 16
inetset.iem = 16
infobar.wav = 16
inseng.dll.mui = 16
licmgr10.dll.mui = 16
msfeeds.dll = 16
msfeeds.mof = 16
msfeedsbs.dll = 16
msfeedsbs.dll.mui = 16
msfeedsbs.mof = 16
msfeedssync.exe = 16
mshta.exe.mui = 16
mshtml.dll.mui = 16
mshtmled.dll.mui = 16
mshtmler.dll.mui = 16
msrating.dll.mui = 16
navstart.wav = 16
nlsdl.dll = 16
normaliz.dll = 16
normidna.nls = 16
normnfc.nls = 16
normnfd.nls = 16
normnfkc.nls = 16
normnfkd.nls = 16
occache.dll.mui = 16
occache.ini = 16
popupblk.wav = 16
ticrf.rat = 16
urlmon.dll.mui = 16
webcheck.dll.mui = 16
webcheck.ini = 16
winfxdocobj.exe = 16
winfxdocobj.exe.mui = 16
wininet.dll.mui = 16
xmllite.dll = 16

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We thank you for yours!

I've talk about this section and he think that is correct because [txtsetup_fileflags] follows [txtsetup_files].

We really appeciate every hint: are you shure the files in the two section must be 8.3 compatibile filemames and the must coincide? I've no doubt about your affirmation but what is your source? So we can read it.

I want specify that in first post I've erroneously written that Integrator don't work, but OnePiece says this is a problem for italian IE7 addon with italian XPCD so actually "8.3 Mod ENU" yet work with Integrator.

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For "source" I would know where you have read on how the fileflags section must be used.
I am NOT sure, don't quote me on this but I think you only need to add files to [txtsetup_fileflags] if during txtsetup you get winnt32.exe complaining that a file is missing during install (this happens especially with .hlp and .chm files)
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Ok, I've read Integrator manual and I've undestand. It is in english and for OnePiece it's a problem so probably he misunderstood how to use this section. However the addon is fully working, but should filenames in this section coincide with the filenames in i386 folder?

EDIT: He said he kept this section from Nuhi, in nLite integration, so only a very good reason can change it.

Edited by kontini
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Addons and Own Creators updated. Now they are different.

a)The addons contain KB938127 (Critical), KB942615 (Critical), KB935560 (request-only) and KB945007 (IE7 A.C.A.)

b)The Own Creators create only addons with critical updates KB938127 and KB942615

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