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Upgrading my computer


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I want to upgrade one of my computer

its a HP Pavilion t620a

has 256mb of RAM

10 GB of memory left

I want to upgrade it to 1gb RAM and with 250-500gb of extra memory onto my tower.

Whats the best suggestion? Should I do it myself or go to a local Computer store and

ask a technician to install these or fix these things on my computer

and should I upgrade my computer fan too, because when I play games on my computer

my computer make this airplane engine noise once in a while, then stops then makes that

noise again, its fan noise but it can get annoying at times. Thanks.


^good site for parts, anyone can tell me which should i get?


What products would suit my pc with the upgrade?



the part section is in pdf


what does the tower case do if you buy them?


here's the photo's i took inside my comp





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A little search shows your pc can ACTUALLY go all the way up to 2gigs of "PC2100 DDR SDRAM" so yeah I would definatly go as far up as you can afford. As for the extra storage sapce why not consider an external drive? You can get a 500 gig one for a fairly affordable price nowadays and that way you can carry your crap from pc to pc.

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Problem with your fan is fairly simple. But it could lead to major problems, so it definitely is a good idea to get it fixed. The bearings in the fan are close to failing, so it's definitely a good idea to fix that. Whether you do it yourself or have someone else do it, is completely up to how confident you feel.

I personally would do it yourself, because it could cost quite a bit to have a local shop put the stuff in.

My brother's CPU fan did this not too long ago and his CPU finally packed it in.

Good luck on it all! :)

Edit: I was just looking at the picture inside your case. It may be a good idea to clean that heatsync and fan assembly very soon! If you let it go like that, your CPU will run far too hot and damage the core. Trust me, this is bad :(

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