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How to enable AHCI on Intel ICH9 under XP


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How to enable

AHCI on Intel ICH9 under XP

After some research, we have a working solution to enable ACHI on the ICH9 with appropriate SATA/NCQ drive(s).

For more information about AHCI, we refer to Wikipedia.org:

The Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI) is a hardware mechanism that allows software to communicate with Serial ATA (SATA) devices such as host bus adapters which are designed to offer features not offered by Parallel ATA (PATA) controllers besides higher speeds, such as hot-plugging and native command queuing. The specification details a system memory structure for computer hardware vendors in order to transfer data between system memory and the device.

List of needed files and driver packs:


32-bit Floppy Configuration Utility for Intel

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Yes, the download link in the first post doesn't work.

Here's a link to current drivers for all OS. (select link for "Drivers" or "Utilities, Tools and Examples")


Make sure you select the correct one.

For current-series boards, the link is here.


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