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Just been browsing around and found this cool little program :thumbsup_anim:


In the old longhorn 4xxx days, the startmenu user picture was more animated as it was today. Today, we get a cheap alpha-fading effect when you hover over an item: the user picture simply blends with the icon for a while.

Back in the days, the user picture was actually rotating when you had the start menu opened. This application tries to achieve that effect.





What's new?

+ stabilized the thing (less crashes)

+ Now changes the icon also when you hover over other startmenu items!

+ some extra rendering settings


+ Cooler and more longhorn-esque animation DONE thx to bryant

+ Add support for the browse-pane (the pane you get when you start search-typing)

Known problems

+ some icons render with a smaller size. This is a limitation of the system and in my opinion a "bug". IImageList2::GetOriginalSize returns E_NOTIMPL, which means cannot get the original icon size since MS programmers did not implement that behaviour (yet). FIXED by Andreas with a workaround


This application injects code into explorer.exe, hooks into the startmenu windows and also uses internal data-structures which may result in extra crashes. Therefore, usage is on own risk.

'I personally think dreamscene users might suffer...!'



Or download from here

Thanks Again to AndreasV :)


If you experience problems try installing this.

USE AT OWN RISK as siad in the original message, but it works fine for me iv even added it to my startup :icon_cool:

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Looks cool, but I'm a bit worried with the "use at your own risk" part :sweatingbullets:

I was a little put off by that at first but decided to try it since I'm still messing with Vista and dont really mind if i need to reinstall it, but if I'm honest I'm quite impressed by the application and have had no problems as of yet, the only thing i noticed was that when i first boot up my machine i have no user pic for a few moments until the program loads in which is to be expected.

I dont think its XP compatible.

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