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[AddOn] GMail Start Menu Shortcut (September-25-07)


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GMail Start Menu Shortcut Original Edition (Updated 09-25-2007)


MD5: AD47E42B7631323A2F17A603D632539E

Size: 2.91 KB

Website: http://www.googlecityforums.com/blog/2005/...l-default-email

GMail Start Menu Shortcut ViStart Edition (Updated 09-25-2007)

WARNING: May cause false virus positive with some AV's


MD5: 452AC399E974C88C7701429DC12CA86C

Size: 61.8 KB

Info: Both are now Uninstallable, if you don't use ViStart then I suggest you use the Original edition

If you want Google Mail set as your default mail client on 1st login, you may edit the following line in GMail.inf (remove the ";" semicolon)


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Hey Rick,

Well i installed this but it doesnt show up where its supposed to, is there any way to show up elsewhere like desktop or control pannel or just in the regular start -> All program (listings)

I think somewhere in nLite i have done something so it wont show..

Hoping you can help :)


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HMMM its supposed to show up at first boot in the place of outlook

Try right clicking on a blank space on the start menu and going into properties, now choose Customize and make sure the E-Mail box is checked and in the drop down menu tell me if you see Google Mail

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For some reason after using this gmail installer my rundll32.exe seems to be mest up now :crying_anim02:
WTF are you talking about?... NOTHING! is wrong with rundll32, its ViStart that doesn't know how to handle it.

Here is a Uninstaller if you want to fully get rid of it... Just Right Click on the INF and choose Install (yes INSTALL)


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  • 2 weeks later...

Arg!!!... Thats probably because I used Quick Batch File converter to make a simple exe from a batch file, the reason is to make it compatible with ViStart.

Its a FALSE positive, but you can use the original if you want to use it still.

Its only a .ico file and some reg entries.

Updating now

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