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Validating Information!


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Since we have a lot of spambots registering recently I've turned on deletion of non-validated accounts after 10 days..

This option will automatically remove all unvalidated members after 10 days from registering..

I had to open this topic since we currently have 6 members validating which are not spambots..So please, if you have validating problems post it HERE.


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Enable Script/Bot Flood Control?

Forces users to input a random code when registering and changing email address, etc to prevent bot's from spamming the forms.

Did you set it to Advanced?

That is enabled, spambots can bypass this check matey... :D

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I'd like to suggest starting using such a thing when we grow up enough but as long as the forum not yet wide enough I think we make give new members some time

but for me...I'd to report that I do not have any validation problems :naughty: :clap: LOL

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