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aMSN v.98b revision 9893 with skins and plugins


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Courtesy SULL

To show my love for aMSN and to help out the community I have put together an installer for the latest SVN release. Currently the setup is English only.


List of everything included:

- aMSN 98b-Rev-9893

- Aspell & Aspell English dictionary ( changed dir from \Program Files\Aspell to \Program Files\aMSN\Aspell )


- Default skin

- Simple Black ( set as default )

- Midnight


- Colored Nicks ( enabled )

- Inkdraw

- Notes ( enabled )

- Nudge ( enabled )

- Organize Received ( enabled )

- Power Tool

- Remind ( enabled )

- Restore ( enabled )

- Spell Check ( enabled )

- Transparent

- Webcam Shooter ( enabled )

- Winks ( enabled )

download.png 18,3 MB

md5.png F8653E314B7D6961B7F21B9E68E78102

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YAY, ditch Live Messenger folks.

This is a INNO installer so if you would like to install silently the /silent and /verysilent switches work perfect.

So other than it's handy installing capabilities you are pleased with aMSN?

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Yes I would say I am very pleased, a friend showed me amsn a while ago and I have been using ever since.

It has everything I need

- Skinable

- Some neat plugins

- Lots of options

I was happy enough I made an installer of the latest SVN version with my favorite skin as default and favorite plugins enabled, it's not for everyone.. give it a shot and see if you like.

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