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[Addon] Kel's CPL All-in-One v12.6

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What about SIW (System Information for Windows)? Best tool, with the most information of the system information viewers I know. It's fast, little, no install required, CPL is already available on the download page and the Dev is still working on it.

Or don't we need this?

BUG REPORT: Error when uninstalling the silent installer.

Can't found the INF-file C:\WINDOWS\INF\CPLBonus.inf

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or use the 'model' that the sysinternals pack builder uses.

Present the user with a list of everything available, then build a custom pack from their choices.


always install the full pack, but at 'config' time (pack build time) let the user pre-select what choices are available.

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That would increase the size of the CPL pack by 50%. A meg isn't much in the grand scheme of things but when the entire rest of the pack comes in at under 3 meg.

OTOH, Nero is the 'gold standard' but isn't there anything else say at http://www.cdfreaks.com/software/Diagnostic_-Utility/ that might come in smaller and grab the same info?

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