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[Addon] Kel's CPL All-in-One v12.6

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Nice work! I have been playing around with this is Service Pack 3311. Not sure if it is me or what but the cpls when clicked on ask what program to use to open? So I guess maybe it is not compatible with SP3 yet?


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No I am using it on SP3 3311.

A coupla version ago though the links got messed up for a handfull of the apps.

Grab the newest silent instaler and instal over the old one. All should be fine. :D

Cool will re download and try again. Thanks for all your work!

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I am not able to get the CPL AIO 8.2.1 to install on XP SP3 5512 (Fresh baseline XP). I am using only two other addon's which are One Piece IE7 and a DirectX 9.0 3.4 update from redxii. I am using nlite to add this to my install. I tried a install without the 8.2.1 CPL addon and everything works fine. When I do use your addon the XP shell is the "windows 95" classic shell. Also CPL is not in add remove nor is there any signs of the CPL addon in Control Panel itself. It also seems to break the LUNA XP theme. I cannot enable The default XP theme at all. OOBE also does not work with your addon.

all was fine until I went to SP3, had no problems ever with SP2 and your packs.

update: Seems OnePiece IE7 was at fault (even that it did work) I used another IE7 addon and all is good.

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Hi there! I have finished repairing your pack and add more tool. You can download it here:

I have made a ICON folder, so that you can chage the icon easily!


1 - Process Explorer

2 - Fast Unlook Kool - A Vietnamese tool , it can unlook some XP's services which were disabled by virus (Such as Regedit).

3 - Windows in A box 2.0 - Contains a lot of XP's functions.

4 - Windows Key Finder and Changer + Windows Key Generator - View, change and made a XP's key.

5 - Wallpaper Changer - One of Microsoft's PowerToys that can change the Wallpaper automatically.

6 - Windows Configurator - A Polish tools, it can look some XP's services, change icon ...

7 - Check USB Disk - Show your Flash Drive info.

8 - Volume Control - Control you Xp's Volume (Microsoft).

9 - HP USB Disk storage Format tools - Format you Flash diver.

If you don't like that pack, I will delete it!

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