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Could i post theese tools here? (as add ons)


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:) Hello all, i have some of my own tools/programs that i would like to post/upload here:

-Ported Windows /Vista Snipping Tool for Xp (english)-originally from Vista/winbeta, perfectly works (with Alky/VAIO). no need to install anything.

-Quickview (an old context menu previewer tool for Win 95/98 but has been ported to Xp successfully)-useful to preview exe, dll, text file, image, etc. uninstallable.

-Folder content previewer, a context menu that can preview folder content without need to open it. it's an original part of cancelled Xp powertoys. rare. it's stable, and useful. uninstallable.

-Windows Previewer/Vista explorer preview pane for Xp, a 3rd party explorer add on that simulates Vista preview pane in Xp explorer, useful to preview text file, html/web file, document, images, even zip, multimedia and binaries (exe or dll) etc directly in the preview pane without need to open it by associated application in Xp (like vista preview pane as well) . it's basically a 3rd party that i have customized to mimic real vista previewer for Xp, in both function and appearance. no need to install anything(just register the dll in my version, done), uninstallable.

EDIT: Also I have uploaded some of them here! Thx all! :)

-and hopefully maybe more after them.

But before i post/upload, to prevent violation of rules here i have some small questions:

-they are not add ons for nlite/bart pe/integrated cd, but just only stand alone programs as they are used to be. could i still post them here?

-As they are either of 3rd party programs or also apart of Vista OS, and i have modified their binaries (for customization/personal purpose), have they still been qualified as non-warez' here? so could i still post them here please?

Yes, i have read the forum rules, and reviewed some related posts. however, i still feel confused. please help, i would like so much to post/upload them, but on other side i dont mean or want to break the rules here. Sorry for asking question about it, but honestly i am a newbie in this business and still feel confused :blush: (this is my firts time...). thank you very much for your reply or help mate. i would appreciate it so much.

regards, Amirz

ps: also please sorry for my very bad english before. :blush:

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You may publish anything that isn't considered warez. If you post something that is considered warez after all, it will be removed but you won't be warned since you asked us first.

Thanks in advance for your contribution to our forum.

Cheers ^_^

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