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[Closed] XPtsp General discusions


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whao this is a very nice mapping of where the *.res files are placed, at first i thought it was just a Directory where we had to place all the res files in Like Plugings\XPtsp\*.res

i think that picture should be posted on your main post for reference

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Last Updated: Januari 27 2009

-<<XPtsp_Purple_0.9b7_batch.exe >>- (English) For the ladies...

MD5: 7B031355064E6566CEC31B1AF9DD0339

Size: 46,4 MB

download: XPtsp_Purple_0.9b7_batch.exe

XPtsp_Purple_1.jpg XPtsp_Purple_2.jpg XPtsp_Purple_3.jpg

Extra thanx for lots of help: Bober and Kirs

For the purple taskmanager: Bober and Dougiefresh

For lots of work on XPtsp green: Amnesia....

And a Merry X-Mas to everyone!!



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For finding the initaly blue bitmaps: Amnesia

well, the correct wording would be:

finding most of the bitmaps, icons and translating-adapting fancy dialogs

just kidding :P

p.s. U could use some glamour icons from


edit: just kidding, again :P

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new ideas "Hardcore", "BDSM". i can help U, to make some new and nasty bitmaps :)


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@Enu_user: your missing "@Plugins" line under dirdelete in the entries, it wont get deleted for me if its not there.

yes that happens with the plugin addon setup, its really integrators flaw for creating it ...

I have added a delete for it now. actually that could cause CD problems later so its better taken cared of

done . ;)

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2 RisingXun

i'm just curious, how hard would be to convert VISO.Live.2.7 (these are the simple batches) to autoit script ?

is there any simple convertor U know of ? :)


well it depends on how i would want it to patch the files, it might take two day maybe three. basically its based on the best way to setup the program. Copying the files > Patching > moving it back is easy

and there are no converter that i know of at the moment

Edit: well the XPtsp GUI already has a function for a Live Patching.

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2 RisingXun

Thank-you for your reply and your time.

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as is, a batch (me using VISO.Live.2.7) does it's job of patching a "live system" in 2min. while being easy-open for anybody (without fancy programming skills).

and after M$ does another massive update ?

U rebuild your distro (30-40 min?) , me just run a batch again...

GUI-SHMUI, i don't care, make it look good fast...

my 2 cents :)

p.s. me going back to DOS or switching to linux. :)


:P Edited by amnesia
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Ok, so since ive already started this simple project i wanted to finish it, Im pretty certain that it does about 99% of what the batch script does. If there were to be more resources added to the Xptsp, this same script will be able to find the file and patch it

XPtspScript.rar Contains:


-Compile Program


All you have to do is, Replace the Xptsp.bat in the XPtsp.exe and replace the Entries_Xptsp.ini with mine.

Test it and report any problems, any would do (hoping it would improve my autoit skills)

Removed:Sorry, Previous version had a minor error.

Fixed. Redownload Here


@Enu_user: your missing "@Plugins" line under dirdelete in the entries, it wont get deleted for me if its not there.

Lmfao, ive spent so much time extracting and re-archiving the sfx file when i couldve just open it in winrar and add the file to have an updated sfx with XptspScript.exe. WinRAR is KING

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amnesia i forgoten some file reporting for updateing Forgoten.7z

and req Update some File Please several versin blue green yellow if need

conf.exe:Bitmap and Cursor

nmchat.dll:Bitmap and modify dialog 108 in massege format show icon big




thanks :)

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What's Changed in v1.2 of the GUI:

- Updated resources to match batch v1.2.

- Completed the "Installation Complete" page for Normal Installation.

- Reboots are now OPTIONAL at the end of Live Patch.

- Modifications made to existing code to ensure that backups are made.

- Integrated OemInfoGen batch code into script, isn't run automatically yet.

- Wrote the Uninstall code. Testing so far hasn't been successful....

- Parameter /PASSIVE, /SILENT and /S integrates the patches in a live system without prompting.

- Added latest version of Drive Space Indicator.

- DSI and TaskSwitch programs get installed during Live Patch.

What's Not Done:

- Parameter /INTEGRATE to integrate resources in XP source without prompting.

- Parameter /NOREBOOT is supposed to cause program not to prompt for reboot, but doesn't.

- Uninstall doesn't seem to work right....

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Stimpy or somebody!!!

give me link for this : http://www.wincert.net/forum/index.php?act...ost&id=1482

Try DESK.CPL.RES in the main package. And next time, try "please" or "could you point me to". Making demands of everybody, like "give me this" or "point me to that", generally doesn't work and you won't make any friends here doing so.... A little politeness goes a long way!

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