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[svcpack] VMware Tools AddOn


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hi rick! sorry if i double posted (i got confused with a couple or about 3 vmware topics). Ricks_VMwareTools7.8.5b156735.7z dl link is broken. i have an older vers: Ricks_VMwareTools6.0.0.45731_AddOn.rar & Kels_VMware6Tools_Addon_v1.cab. where could i get the latest pls? btw, VMware-workstation-6.0.0-45731 is what i have. would this update the vmware tools in 6 too? or would it cause conflict? thanks!
Sorry kiki but I am just not into VMware anymore, gave it up...just too big and bloated for me (not to mention I have slow internet and to dl 500+ MB really takes a loooooong time)

I am also disappointed & sad nobody has really taken over this program

that's sad! :( what are you using now: virtualbox? thanks!
I will try tomorrow, see if I can make a final vmware release
that will be awesome rick. i'm sure there are others waiting for this too. just like my previous Qs, i need to know though if the updated vmware tools would work with VMware-workstation-6.0.0-45731 since this is what i have. would it upgrade the current vmware tool (in VMware-workstation-6.0.0-45731) to the current vmware tool version (which you'd try to release)? btw, i recall you & kel combining your efforts on this before, right? this is a great addon esp for those always creating new unattended builds (to slipstream/integrate updates & addons). thanks a lot rick (same goes to kel)!:P cheers!

dl link from the 1st post is broken.

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