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[svcpack] VMware Tools AddOn


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Most of us do a lot of VM installs and it is always a pain in the but to install the VMWare tools after installation.

Now all you need to do is use this addon and the tools will be integrated at the t-13 stage.

You can also have this on your final ISO, the install will simply quit and not install on your real machine.

VMware Tools for v7.8.3.4558


MD5: 0DC06A9D155E8C239504B821428EEE24

Size: 12.6 MB

Download VMWare Workstation

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Has this been used with Windows 2000? I get a windows installer error. (I am doing in a virtual machine, of course).
What error? I had a similar issue with another VMT installer a while back and traced it back to my removal of the Help subsystem. VMT (or WI?) needs certain files associated with that subsystem in order to install.
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When I used this addon with Windows 2000, I ran into what I assume was the same error as 'n0b4r9n1lisfyeqr'. Following Kelsenellenelvian's suggestion that it was related to the version of Windows Installer, I integrated the Windows Installer 3.1 update into my CD. Once that update was integrated, no errors occurred.

Thanks ricktendo for the great addon.

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Not recommended, reason:

If you install v6 Tools in a v5 Virtual Machine the drag and drop capabilities from VM to PC don't work (CONFIRMED)

But I think if you install v5 Tools on a v6 VM all it will say is that your VMware tools is old and you should update (NOT TESTED)

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Too slow, really?

Personally, I couldn't find much of a performance difference between VPC and VMW, however, somehow I like VPC more.

And yes, it does require a similar software to install the missing device drivers (sound, GFX, etc) as well as enable drag&drop from host to guest and mouse interaction.

I'm currently uploading the files for you, if you need them ;)


Here you are:


MD5: 83908CF27C733760ACAB2B44B35D5CE4

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Wow, you're very quick! :D

I will test ASAP, preferrably tonight (just in the process of checking for updates on all my other AddOns, will create the ISo afterwards) and report back then.

A German pack would be nice, as I am using the German version of VPC, however, I do not mind mixed languages that much as long as it does work ;)

(which remains to be seen...)

That said, I'm wondering in what the addon is language-dependand anyway, seeing as it does not seem to change any GUI entries or such...


Thanks a bunch anyhow!

One day I'll havw to sit down and get into creating my own AddOns, I guess :D

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