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[svcpack] VMware Tools AddOn


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You can make your own one of these easily...

Use nlaom and CMenu to find the MSI switches (/qn /norestart)

Just pick the correct msi for you specific lang VPC

Copy it to a new empty folder

Browse to it using nlaom

Add the swithces and other info (use CMenu to find the switches)

Compile ;)

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Thanks, I will give that a try, then.

Unfortunately, I won't make it to testing your addon today :/

Still trying to get all AddOns updated (you figured I'm using not too few, I guess ;)).

At least I took this as a chance to create a table for quicker reference.

Still doesn't beat any auto-update feature but better than having to crawl through all of them each time I want to create a new UWXPCD...

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Hey Rick,

I extracted your VMWare Tools 6 cab and ran the executable that was inside SVCPACK alone inside a VM of XP that did not have VMWare tools installed. It automatically, without prompt, forced a reboot...Is there anyway I can get rid of that? Thanks!

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I will repack it making sure I used the /norestart switch but I use it during svcpack and never restarted with any of my tests

I know your addon was not meant to work this way but try doing what I did and see if it reboots on you...I was using your executable in a WPI install when it occurred...

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This is what I came up with (English only)


MD5: 43A58CD3B5E814944612D98B2FE2883A

Size: 650 KB

Please test it, cuz I cant. If you need a difrent language then plz let me know.

EDIT: Tested on actual PC and VMware & it will NOT install on any them :thumbsup:

I know I'm a bit late but I didn't get around to testing it any sooner, unfortunately (I did two testing runs with that DVD on a real machine in the meantime but obviously that didn't help ;)).

I am very pleased to say that it works absolutely flawlessly!

Mouse interaction right out of setup (which is very nice).

Didn't notice any problems with the language (all menu entries are still German and can't think of anything else that could be affected).

So, once again, big thanks for that! :D

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It allows you to drag and drop files from your workstation to the VM for one.

Umm lets see what else mouse, sound and video acceleration.

Easily moving of the mouse between workstation and VM.

Yeah ricktendo designed one of the lite packs. (His still has the windows.iso on it though. Thats just for drivers and tools it's not a REAL windows image)

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Most of us do a lot of VM installs and it is always a pain in the but to install the VMWare tools after installation.

Now all you need to do is use this addon and the tools will be integrated at the t-13 stage.

You can also have this on your final ISO, the install will simply quit and not install on your real machine.

VMware Tools for v6.0.2.59824


MD5: 8679285A69C23A92B4B5924335563BBD

Size: 5.77 MB

Download VMWare Workstation

Hello, I am using VMWare Tools For some reason I cannot create a working silent installer. I'm not sure what the problem is. I was hoping someone could tell me where I went wrong.

Link Dead. deleted

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Here is a sample I made from your download I got it down to 5.98 megs (Prolly coulda gotten it smaller but I am inna rush :P)

Just right click and Open with winrar.

Use it for your own or make it smaller I dun care which. 7zip is however ALOT better (5.14 megs) And they are not all THAT hard to learn.

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One more thing I noticed. When trying to upgrade my VMWare Tools to 7 after installing windows using Rick's VMWareTools6 SVCPACK Add-On, the upgrade installation fails because it can't find the MSI. It is looking for VMwareTools.msi and the file is named VMware Tools.msi.

I changed my Setup.ini to fix this (Hopefully).

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