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Need a command line to register these shellext DLLS

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I'm learning to make addons of some apps

recently I got the problem when registering some dll files in using RegiterDlls directive,These Dlls registered for applying contextmenu, but they cant be registered either using Regiterdlls or using regserv32.exe

All the DLLS seem have the same features dont have DllRegisterServer/DllUnRgisterServer functions that I found via a dependency check tool of MS.

Below registry section mentioned shell dlls registered from monitor installing Byond Compare 3 and Virtual CloneDrive,

anyone can help me register them in command line I will appreciate it.

;Beyond Compare3
HKCR,"CLSID\{57FA2D12-D22D-490A-805A-5CB48E84F12A}\InProcServer32",,0x0,"%16422%\Beyond Compare 3\BCShellEx.dll"

;Virtual CloneDrive
HKCR,"CLSID\{B7056B8E-4F99-44f8-8CBD-282390FE5428}",,0x0,"VirtualCloneDrive Shell Extension"
HKCR,"CLSID\{B7056B8E-4F99-44f8-8CBD-282390FE5428}\InProcServer32",,0x0,"%16422%\Elaborate Bytes\VirtualCloneDrive\ElbyVCDShell.dll"

BTW here are some files I intercepted from tempfolder during install BC3 that seem have relationship with registering BCshellex.dll


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Hi bjfrog, in the Microsoft Silverlight multi-OS True AddOn INTL and an example how to register file with spaces in destination path

16425,,regsvr32.exe,,,"/S ""%16426%\%SilverlightDir%\xapauthenticodesip.dll"""


11,,regsvr32.exe,,,"/S ""%16422%\Beyond Compare 3\BCShellEx.dll"""

11,,regsvr32.exe,,,"/S ""%16422%\Elaborate Bytes\VirtualCloneDrive\ElbyVCDShell.dll"""

Sorry for my English


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Hi dareckibmw , this was really cool :D, I did not notice at all hmmm :(

I've only seen your last post in list of new post to read today, and I did not see the date of the first post, and I saw that the bjfrog used the Windows 7 (to see in that OS was doing the test) I would shrewd immediately, since windows 7 and released in 2009 ehhhhhhhh, but did not see the date of the first post hmmmmmmm

thanks anyway for reporting


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