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OEMScan v1.4.1


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OEMScan v1.4.1

OEMScan automates multi-manufacture installation Windows XP/2003 CD's by

scanning the bios (0xE0000-0xFFFFF) for a Royalty OEM's SLP string

and copying over the appropriate OEMBIOS files for windows XP activation.


1. Scans BIOS Memory for a specific string within a customizable range.

2. Validates the OEMBIOS file set by checking the BIN/SIG/DAT hashes against the CAT file.

3. Can run a program/script and pass a custom argument for each OEM allowing you to further customize the installation.

4. OEMBIOS files pass Microsoft


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My OEMscan fully automated addon 1.8 is found here:


...and my older OEMscan addon v1.6.9 is found here:


...and Siginet's OEMscan addon v1.7b is found here:


Enjoy. :)

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