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[Request] Donate your old PC parts


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Does anybody have any old laptop batteries that will fit a toshiba?

Dont need one that lasts a long time just time enough to shut down when the power goes out (which happens often in my country), this one is totally shot it cannot charge anymore its very old


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Not quite a request for a old part but can some kind soul give me a hand aquiring a new keyboard\mouse combo?

I seem to use them up in 6-8 months.

The mouse full stopped clicking a couple of days ago so I am now on a $10 special mouse.

Keyboard is missing the print from some of the letters so others (and myself at times) can't find letters like "a" :S

Space bar you have to pound on.

This current set was a MS desktop elite 6000.

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Yea "either/or" my board can handle SATA...yea I did get a DVD Burner HUGE! thanks to Sm0ker

but I could use another for a teacher/friend of my ma's (shes got my old CD Burner/DVD Player)...Ill take anything you can spare, if it costs too much then there is no need to ship it.

Thank! You very much BTW :giveheart:

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