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[AddOn] Vista Screensavers


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Downloading now ;)


Installed... it works :)

Maybe you should remove mgb screensaver because it's not microsoft official one ;)

Also you should update vista beta and vista beta 2 screensavers with rtm versions :D


I have vista installed... if you need screensaver files let me know :D

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Vista Screensavers for XP


MD5: 7E986734B5F70D0BEE80300DD0A22C10

Size: 1.58 MB

Description: Collection of Vista screensavers from different sources I put together into a AddOn

Thanks Rick! They are much better than the original XP screen savers. I really like the one called bliss!

I think you will also be happy to know that I used you "add-on installer" add-on to install these and it worked like a charm. Thanks for your hard work! :welcome:

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Hey rick do you know if there is a ported Vista screensaver, that just says "Windows Vista" but when it changes it's place on the screen, the "vLogon.scr" design comes up and shines the lines. Kind of hard to explain.. but it's called Windows Vista Logo in the acutal OS. Thanks

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Thanks, the Windows Logo screensaver keeps giving me an error though, when I try and patch it.

It says, "Sorry. This application attempted to delay-load a library or function that does not exist. Instability may occur."

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Works great! I wanted ask is in system32 what are these named if you want to get rid of them? Not that i will but just in case.

Doc :icon_cool:

I looked in system32 folder and found all the other scr files i have except the new ones.Are the in a different folder??

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Guest snakecracker

nice stuff rick

i installed it on my edition of windows im working on

and how do you make one of the screensavers default??

thanks in advance

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